LED Display Rental

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LED Screen or Display for rent in Malaysia

LED screen rental MalaysiaClients from both the public and private sectors around Malaysia have worked with us in hundreds of advertising campaigns to help promote or enhance their products and services for many years. This put us in a very unique and niche position in which we have always been the preferred partner and technology product supplier for the campaigns. After all, we have built some of the most impressive and remarkable LED structures in the country with some major corporations from GLCs to MNCs and SMIs.

LED display screen rentals are suitable for following events:

* Special Occasional Events
* Promotional Campaigns
* Anniversaries
* Private Functions
* Wedding Dinner
* Annual Dinner & Dance
* Branding Campaigns
* Carnivals
* Corporate Dinners and Celebrations
* Product Launches
* Theme Parties
* Conventions
* Expos
* Trade Shows & Exhibitions
* Seminars & Meeting
* Opening Ceremony
* Children parties
Having done that for so many years, coupled with our excellent track record of bringing the most cost-effective and high impact campaigns to our clients, we are in the best position to understand the needs and requirements of our clients. In these areas, we strive to bring only the best products and services to our clients while ensuring that they optimize their expenditure in every aspect.

One of our main contributions in our campaigns is to offer all options available to keep the cost at a manageable and budgeted level for our clients. Where necessary, we provide the option of LED rental if you are interested in using this technology media either for a short-term or if you do not wish to own the products in your business premises.Our video display panels are sourced and made from the best suppliers and is ideal for use in all types of events and roadshows. They come in many shapes and sizes which can be pre-determined or customized to your requirements. If you are planning to run any events or participate in roadshows or exhibitions, it would be most ideal to engage our LED and sound system rental services as they are very cost-effective and practical in every sense.

Rental rates can be discussed to run on a daily or periodic basis. Depending on the panel size and configurations, they range between RM5,000 to RM50,000 where we will provide all related services. Rental of LED display screens provide you with the convenience where you need not have to worry about space management where we will manage the equipments on your behalf which will include fitting and installation, replacement of faulty parts as well as in the designing of the space.

We will ensure that your LED panels rented from us are placed at the best spots that will garner the highest visibility and in the developing of contents best suited for your purpose.


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