Malaysian Today


Before anyone gets confused, Malaysian Today is totally different from Malaysia Today. The former prides itself to be a more youthful publication while the latter is all about politics owned and made popular by Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Independent and apolitical

Malaysian Today is essentially an English Language newspaper which is published on a weekly basis. The newspaper is more thematic as it is published on Thursdays each week.

Linked to The Sun

Malaysian Today owned by The Borneo Sun and is not associated with The Sun in any way. What Malaysian Today offers is something for the younger readers. As such, it has a more fun and outgoing persona as compared to the more serious publications like The Star or The Sun, which are all more focused on news and corporate issues.

Current and exciting issues

Focusing on the topics involving entertainment, sports and youth lifestyle, Malaysian Today is targeted to the younger readers where it is also widely distributed among colleges and institutes of higher learning.

Apart from that, one could find this tabloid available in major hang out places like Starbucks Coffee and in cafes around the Klang Valley. It began as an English tabloid back in 2001 in Sarawak but due to the poor response and stiff competition, stopped its prints 3 years later.

It was only several years later before Malaysian Today was revived into a sports bi-weekly publication for Peninsular Malaysia and then rebranded again into what it is today. Among the segments that are quite popular in Malaysian Today are:

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • and many others.

What makes Malaysian Today so popular is that it reaches the heart of its readers as there are always gossips and freebies, particularly for the young ones.


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