Marketing 2020 – Best tips for this year

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Ask any marketer for a marketing tip and you will surely hear the words ‘digital’ and ‘technology’ in the same sentence. Having existed for the longest time, digital marketing is not really anything new. It has risen to more prominence in the last decade or so and if that is not what you are into now, chances are you are way, way behind time.

Look out for what’s coming

2020 represents the turn of the decade and it is as exciting as it can get. In fact, marketing is expected to get better! The volatility of marketing is so unexpected, you need to be ready when the next wave comes. So what can you expect this year?

Move away from mainstream

Do not get confused here. Mainstream means the usual social media and keyword advertising that you have grown so accustomed to. You want to maximize your investment. So start diversifying and look at any niche sub-channels via these networks. Go into groups and communities within Facebook instead of the usual run-of-the-mill advertising.

Pay your way into social media

This shouldn’t come as a surprise by close to 90% of social marketers are using Facebook ads. This is an ever-changing landscape. When your competitors are paying for ads on social media, you should too. But you must now look at other options as other social networks are moving onto this process. Pay for ads on others like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They are not that expensive.

Prioritize relevant content

Each year, content continues to be the main focus for the most site. This is the year where you should push your content to its fullest potential instead of looking for others. If you have your own content, analyze how it can be better utilized. Forget about producing large volumes to pull traffic in. Use relevant ones to keep your users in.

Influencers and brand advocates

This trend has been going on for a while now and there is no sign of any let-up anytime soon. Design your marketing plan around a face that your customers resonate with. You will be surprised how far you can go with this.

User experience the center of it all

You can have the most robust media strategy that pulls your audience to your site, but if you cannot keep them there, it will all be futile. When it comes to user experience or UX, your content is secondary. If they don’t know where to go or what to do, they will never see your content.

Integrated Marketing Communication

This conventional model is still important. Connecting your marketing strategy for both online and offline media is not only necessary but mandatory if you want to achieve top-of-mind brand recall. Integrating the media successfully will ensure better and more impactful marketing.

Differentiate marketing and sales

Remembering that it is now the consumer’s market, you do not want your audience to feel that you are only interested in selling. While that is your ultimate objective, your campaign should be genuine in that they do not try to push sales as much. If it is a contest, then let the audience enjoy the game. Persuade, not pester.

Use creativity

It is so easy to fall into the trap of creating marketing messages that are bland and conventional. Let the creativity flow and push more interesting content with the stories you are telling. Directly promoting products and services will only work that much. The idea here is to stand out so that your brand image can be further improved.

Collaborate if you need to

The open playing field can be very exciting if you can build partnerships and allegiances. No one is asking you to be bedfellows with your direct competitor but nothing is stopping you from working together for a good cause.

Business Intelligence

You have so much data in your hands, it will be foolish not to use it. The bigger challenge is how you can do this while your campaign is in full swing. Post-mortem analysis is good but the on-going analysis is a lot better. It helps you to gauge if your current campaign is working. It let you cut the loss if it is not.

Summing it up

A lot of these things have been mentioned before and there are some which might be new to you. This is the year to be a bit more resourceful and creative. Do what you have been doing and you need to do it better. Improve in areas that you are not good at. Don’t rely on past data for analysis. You need to work on the data in real-time and make adjustments where necessary.


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