Marketing in Viber

Unlike other messaging apps, Viber has a more distinct and separate group of target users. Originally developed by Viber Media, which is an Israel-based company, it was acquired by Japanese company Rakuten in 2014 for a reported US900 million.

What’s the buzz about Viber?

Viber has been steadily climbing up the numbers since it’s launch. Offering the standard set of VoiP and cross-platform instant messaging services, Viber is among the top 4 messaging apps in the world today. Among its significant statistics include:

  1. Viber has more than 900 million active users to date
  2. each month, Viber records more than half a billion active users
  3. slightly more than 10% of the mobile device owners in the world has Viber
  4. Viber is most active in Africa and Russia, garnering 55 and 70 million users resecptively
  5. More than half a billion downloads have been recorded from the Android Play Store

What makes Viber stand out?

Viber is basically a mobile messaging app. Its direct competitor is Skype. This simply means that it offers most of all the features that you will come to expect from any app in this sector where you can:

  1. Make voice and video calls
  2. exchange media like audio file, images and video
  3. send stickers and GIFs
  4. and many more

Besides that, Viber has its own set of features and advantages which are different from others. This include not needing a username like that which is required by Skype. This means that if you want to call another, you do so by dialling into the mobile phone number. If the recipient is a Viber user, then you get connected with no charges involved (only data or Wi-Fi). However, the recipient can be a non-Viber user as well. To get connected, there will be charges involved as it will then connect through the telco concerned.
In other words, Viber use the contact list you already have in your phone. This is totally different from other messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat where you will maintain a separate contact list.
Furthermore, you can now use the desktop app from Viber where you can make calls using your desktop computer to a mobile device.

How useful is Viber for businesses and marketing?

One thing for sure, Viber is extremely useful for marketing especially among small businesses with added advantage for larger organisations. Previously very popular among the eastern markets, it has since been extended to larger markets like the United States where it has made significant inroads.
If you are planning to use Viber for marketing, you have a ready catchment of target users.

Target those below 25 years and below

This would surely be the best target segment for you. Viber has been steadily and very successfully building its market along this category of users. After all, they are the upcoming generation of social media users who appreciates free calls and are constantly on the go. Being able to make calls for free might not be their first priority but it surely is one of the major attraction factors.

Advertisements expected

When you place an ad through Viber, you do not get negative responses the way other apps do. This is because most users do not expect massive advertising on this platform. After all, it is supposedly not as popular as the likes of Skype or WhatsApp. As such, there will be high likelihood that your users will view the ads. However, with this in mind, advertisers should be more careful and cautious with what is being conveyed so as not to lose following along the way with over-imposing ads.

Create Key followings

This is one strategy which is similar to other messaging apps. However, some theorist have concluded that Viber is more like a combination between the other popular services. Put simply, it means that you get to best of what other platforms can do. You can connect to users via group chats and use celebrities for them to follow.
As a marketer, these are opportunities to connect with your intended target audience. Public Chats is one of the key features of Viber. This is where brands are able to send broadcast messages to the Viber community. At the same time, consumers are able to use this platform to be heard as well.

What about Public Chat?

This feature really is the game-changer for Viber. Since its launch, a lot of public figures have adopted it. Celebrities are the best to follow but Viber has seen many influences and even sports personalities who have used this platform as well. With a public space like this, there are a lot to learn about the users and a lot of room for marketers to manoeuvre.
Users can not follow conversations of their celebrities. Think branding! This is the best platform for your brand to garner a following and then connect them constantly. Basically, it is a chat format platform with a blog style following that includes all types of media available. Benefits of this include:

  1. a personal and more intimate connection with your market
  2. stronger bond can be formed
  3. brand loyalists and influencers can connect
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