Mid-Roll Ads – Irritation or Opportunity


So, you know the power of video advertising and have built your team around creating cool clips for your brand. What’s next? Do you flush YouTube and break your budget by showing your ad as many times as you can?

Play smart with Video Ads

Mid-roll ads have been quite popular if it hasn’t become one of the most used strategies in recent years. They refer to ads that are played midway through a video that a user is watching. It is quite common in YouTube and Facebook, 2 of the topmost watched video sharing platforms. In most cases, the mid-roll ads are related to the video that the user is watching which tells you, there are powerful forces behind this.

Executing Mid-Roll ads properly

Mid-roll ads were not as popular as pre and post-video ads when it started. But this has changed a lot. These days, mid-roll ads have become the top type of advertising in video platforms. In fact, 90% of mid-roll ads have been watched to completion as compared to the others. Hence, this is very crucial for your campaign.

Good Mid-roll ads

There really is no way to ensure that your ad gets played midway through any video. But you can do something about your production that ensures you get the returns on your investments. For whatever reasons, your ad must be both desktop and mobile compatible. Knowing the file format and specifications will be crucial.

Be mindful of your content

Your content plays an important role and Google is very particular about this. While you trust Google to push your ads into related videos, you have to ensure you have the content to go with it. Meanwhile, you can also use a manual ad break-in that you can sort of deciding which part of a video will the ad be played.

Skip Ad – Should or should you not?

It is always very tempting to not allow the viewer to skip your ad when it comes out mid-roll. Put yourself in your viewer’s shoes and ponder for a moment. Is that how you want them to remember you? Would a positive response be better? Wouldn’t that have better recall properties? If they saw your ad mid-roll and they skipped it, if it resonated with them, you could have 2 responses:

  1. They will watch through the entire ad
  2. They will remember it and search for you later


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