Marketing Guide

No-cost methods to promote your business


Promoting your business need not always require a lot of money. Here are some practical and effective top tips to promote your business. You do not have to spend vast amount of money for these low-cost or even no-cost methods. Read on for more information.

Methods that are almost free

Getting awareness is all that matters when it comes to branding and promoting your business. There are many ways to achieve that including the following:

Tip 1: Publish articles

You can always write quality and informative articles and submit it to local newspaper or even magazines. These publications always look out for good quality articles to fill up their news space.
Write something interesting or articles that can benefit your readers. Remember to include your company’s contact details at the end of the articles so that interested prospects know how to contact you when necessary.

Tip 2: Volunteer to be a speaker

To increase awareness for your brand or company, make yourself available at business functions or civic organizations meetings. Speak and share your experience or your area of expertise with these groups for free. Remember to pass on your contact information to allow them to contact you when necessary. When you speak at conferences or seminars, it increases your company’s brand profile (and yours too). This will give you unlimited exposure especially in the age of social media and networks.

Tip 3: Join organizations

There is currently a growing trend of entrepreneurial and start-up organizations which are being looked upon for ideas and mentorship. As a business owner or a leader in an organization, these organizations will help you to meet with potential investors while getting the word out about what your company can offer. In most cases, you do not need to invest any money into these groups although there is a nominal fee for membership.

Tip 4: Request for referrals

You can grow your business by seeking help from family, close friends and business acquaintances. Request for referrals from these parties. You can grow your customers list using this no-cost method because the word-of-mouth is stronger than any media imaginable.

Tip 5: Create a web site

In today’s business world, one of the most effective methods to promote your brand, product or services is via a web site. If your company prefers an affordable yet elegant and professional looking web site, you can always seek help from small company to help design a web site.
In fact, you can research and try out a free web hosting services available in the market. Once you have a web site, you can utilize this tool smartly to drive traffic to your web site. Some businesses regard websites as outdated but it is more important today than ever. Among what you get from websites are:

  • A base – Link all your traffic here via social and other media
  • Information – What you cannot say briefly through mobile apps, explain in full through your website
  • Videos – Park all your videos, demos and tutorials here

Tip 6: Send press releases

If your company decides to offer something that will benefit the masses, you should send out press releases to publications especially local newspaper. This is a form of free advertising that works well for most companies.
When you have prepared a newsworthy press release, send it out to as many newspapers as possible. Bear in mind to include your contact information to convenient the writers as well as readers. Besides that, online news portals are platforms that you can consider as well.

Tip 7: Expand your network

You should expand your network to grow the prospects list and generate more sales and profits for your company. You may print out business cards and pass on to your business associates to inform them about your brand, product or service.

Tip 8: Use email marketing

Email marketing is basically a no-cost method to promote your business. All you need is Internet connection to be able to send out emails to your regular customers as well as prospects. Make no mistake about it. Although email is in some markets considered a passe, it is still a primary tool for communication.
First and foremost, you need to gather their email addresses to send out the email that comes in various forms such as newsletter or brochures. Categorize the customers according to their spending habits, interest, income or other shared characteristics.