Quality content to attract prospects to your web site

Having a website is something that every business should have today. Establishing one requires careful design, planning and execution. But having a website is half the battle. Once you have a web site to represent your brand, products or services, you need to ensure that the web’s content is good enough to get the customers coming back again and again.
Here are some top tips to retain the current readers as well as attain prospects attention.

Quality content matters

When it comes to content, you must ensure that they are relevant and associated to your readers. That should be the only rule of thumb. The last thing you want is to have them click away from your site or when they stay for too short a time. While you can post just about anything on your website, be careful with what your content says.

Tip 1: Publish numerous free contents

The world of Internet promised endless information without censorship. Thus, your web site should offer unlimited information for free. An effective method to retain regular readers and attain prospects attention is by publishing contents that are:

  • Useful
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Interesting

All the published articles must be related to the products or services you offer. While you are free to post any information onto your website, only those that are related would be useful to your customers. This is where you need to use the information to try to convince and persuade your readers to purchase your products or services.

Tip 2: Keep your web content updated

Give the regular customers and prospects a strong reason to visit your web site again. That reason must be fresh and up-to-date content on your official web site.
When your company offers or introduces something new to the market, make sure you publish a related article that explains and discusses the products. Bear in mind that updating new content on the web is an on-going process.

Tip 3: Eliminate invalid links

Visitors are most likely get annoyed when they click on invalid or broken link. Thus, you should check your web site regularly for any broken links. Ensure that you remove these dead links and that they no longer exist in your site. Once you direct your customers away from your site, it would be almost impossible to bring them back again.

Tip 4: Remove under construction pages

What is the point of putting an ‘under construction’ page in your web site when these pages do not offer any information for the readers? When you include under construction page in your web, you are driving your customers away and lost a potential business.
If your company is still constructing a page for the web site, do not include a link in it. This is a definite turn-off for your visitors. Wait till you have completed your web page before putting the link available on the web.
Besides that, when you include an ‘under construction’ page in your web, the search engines will remove your web site from the first two pages of directories which means you will have to put in extra effort in the future to build it up again.

Tip 5: Do not overload your web with banners

You may cooperate with other web sites to include their banner and links on your web page and they will list yours in their web page as well. However, do not overload your page with advertising banners and links as it will drive the prospects way from your web site.
You should just focus on what the prospects want and need. The best way is to include only one or two related banners or links in your web page. While advertising revenue might be helpful, it should not be the only revenue for you.

Tip 6: Include product description page

Most web sites provide the titles of products available and the price range. These companies have overlooked an important element that is to include a description page for these products.
Most visitors often asked questions before making a purchase online. Therefore, you should include detailed description of the products. Explain the features and benefits of the products.
Remember to include the necessary information especially for the pricey products. Bear in mind that the more you tell, the more you sell!

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