Publication Copywriting


Our copywriters have worked in campaigns at all scale levels in the past where they have written in advertorials, annual reports and many other types of publications.
Through our experience of partnering with clients in various industries, we have developed our repertoire to provide writing and other editing services. This is where businesses find that using publications like booklets, manuals, guides, how-to books, magazines, and other printed material to disseminate information about their products and services has been very effective.

In order to produce an effective publication, we will first identify the type of media your company wants to use

This could be a small booklet or a larger printed magazine publication. From there, we will then determine the contents of the publication.

Working with our copywriters

Our team of copywriters will be bringing years of experience and skills to the table. They have been working in countless creative projects that have been hugely successful for their clients in the past. As such, they are more than ready to offer advice on what should be included and what should not. The process will be as follows:

  • Consultation – The first step is always to have a consultation session with you, our client. This is to set the stage and to understand what your objectives are.
  • Information – We will need all the information you have on your products and services and more importantly, your brand. This will enable us to better position the contents in the work to be produced later.
  • Brainstorming – Once we have a good grasp of your brand image and messaging, we will bring it back to our end. This will be the part where our creative team will put our thinking hats together. We will create several drafts of the copies for your campaign.
  • Approval – Prior to presenting them to you, we will run them through our management team for feedback and endorsement.
  • Client’s Feedback – After that, you will be consulted for advice on the design and layout of the copies used for the publication. This will be carried out through various stages of discussion between our team of designers and copywriters together with your organization.
  • Redesign – This stage is only carried out if it is necessary. In most cases, our clients are usually satisfied with our draft with very minor changes. If needed, we will rework on the copies and then present or run-through again with our clients.
  • Sign-off – Once all the designs are approved, then our copywriting work here is completed. Our clients will then sign off and we can move on to the next stage.
  • Distribution – When all the design and printing of the publication are completed, we will then plan the distribution for you which will be carried out through our highly experienced media team so that the publication can reach your customers as planned.

Types of copywriting services

We ensure that the best copywriting services are delivered for your campaign. The services we offer include:

  • Business copywriting – We help you in the editing of documents that will push your businesses to higher levels. This includes assisting you in writing newsletters, business plans and other editorial documents. If needed, we also help you in writing your Press Releases.
  • Profiles – This is an important document. Your business profile must reflect your brand identity and the direction of your business. We will fully understand what your business is and how it operates so that we can coin them into a business profile worthy of your brand.
  • Annual Reports – The annual report contains vital information including financial performance. There must also be some form of creative elements that will clearly reflect your company’s identity.
  • Search engine optimization – SEO plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your website. Using the right keywords and terms will ensure your site can succeed in this. Our SEO copywriting expertise has helped many of our clients achieve good search results over the years.
  • Website – Copywriting for websites is very useful as they need to have content that is relevant for the readers. You want to put in suitable content in your website which uses the right language, approach and images.
  • Creative copywriting – Whether it is for your newspaper ads or an advertorial in a magazine, our copywriting team will be able to articulate your brand messaging into creative text that will drive more impressions and create stronger impact.


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