Tropicana City Mall – Back Panel

This screen is uniquely mounted onto the fascia of the building which is part of the Tropicana City Mall. During the day, it can be seen from afar while it illuminates during the night.

Major target along LDP

As it is located towards the LDP end, the vehicles and pedestrians along this highway will surely be able to see the ads. Besides that, those travelling on the SPRINT highway will see it to as they come towards Kuala Lumpur.

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Location TROPICANA CITY MALL – BACK PANELAlong LDP Highway from SS2 heading into Bandar Utama next to Dsara Uptown.
Display Charges

RM 400,000/annum

Production Charges RM 116,820 (perforated stickers)
Lighting Charges RM 60,000/annum
Government GST% 6% payable by advertiser
Display Size 66’ (H) x 118’ (W)
Site Number SEL/MBPJ/TCM/GP/B1002
TRAFFIC COUNT Est. 13,980,000 monthly
GPS Coordinates 3.130959, 101.625599
POINT OF INTEREST Tropicana City Mall, Dsara Uptown,
SS2, Dsara Jaya, 1Utama

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