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World of Buzz is one of the contemporary online portals that offer Malaysians an alternative platform for news and updates. It is a platform that appeals very much to the younger generation of online users with fun and entertaining reporting. World of Buzz, as the name implies is one of the most exciting news portals in Malaysia. This is one portal that is highly engaging and connects to the heart of Malaysians from all walks of life. If it is a trending issue, it would most likely pop up in World of Buzz because it is relatable, current and exciting.

Riding on trending issues

What makes World of Buzz such a standout media is mostly its ability to resonate and identify with the younger crowd. As more people rely on on the internet for news and updates, there is a need for such resources to be delivered and communicate to the younger generation who spend a lot of time online each day. Through portals like World of Buzz, this segment can have access to news that relates to them and which are more approachable as they are less serious in their style of reporting.

Segments in World of Buzz

The home page of World of Buzz provides the latest news and pictures of what is going on. This includes headlines of current affairs, gadgets and new product launches and others. This also includes commentaries and other issues that the readers might be interested in. World of Buzz also has a Social Stories segment that addresses the issues that young people are concerned with including trending styles and habits. Other segments here include People, Technology, Lifestyle and Culture. It must be noted that World of Buzz is actively involved in the social networks that stream related news to its target segment. It also has a YouTube Channel with more than 100,000 subscribers. This allows viewers and the audience a central location to watch videos that relate to their everyday Malaysian lifestyle.

Each day, World of Buzz publishes the latest news which is related and interesting to the average reader. This is provided through its portal and also streamed on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

From a central portal to other platforms

In Social Stories, World Of Buzz brings useful tips, advice, commentaries and other information to its readers. While a lot of such issues are usually reported in mainstream media or newspapers, World of Buzz’s reporting is chicer and ‘young’. Apart from the usual reports coming from mainstream media, content from social networks, TikTok videos or videos that have gone viral are also reported here. This is a truly unique segment in World of Buzz that creates a lot of following.

  • The People segment meanwhile reports on Malaysian people and their lifestyles with special achievements. Reports like Malaysians who made it into the Forbes list, students who gained entry into Cambridge, Malaysian celebrities who made it into Hollywood like Michelle Yeoh and many others are published here as they become a strong inspiration to its readers.
  • In Lifestyle, World of Buzz provides information on traveling, F&B places that are unique and interesting, life experiences and such. If anyone is looking for places to travel, this is the segment that provides good advice and tips.
  • Culture is a segment that provides content on entertainment, gaming, sport and many others while Opinion is a collection of commentaries about the current issues circulating across Malaysia, the region and the world.

World of Buzz Target Audience

What makes World of Buzz such an interesting platform is that it produces content that is not only relevant and current but shareable. In a world where social networks are used every minute of the day, this is a great platform to boost World of Buzz’s prominence.

  • World of Buzz is among the most prominent online news and content providers having worked with some of the top names in the market. This includes the likes of Astro, Universal, Samsung, Maxis, 20th Centure Fox, digi, Netflix and Huawei, among others.
  • The portal mainly targets an urban audience who are mostly English-Language speakers. The age group is mostly young adults.
  • World of Buzz’s portal has more than 22 million page views each month by Malaysians. It also has more than 10.7 million video views monthly.
  • On its social networks, World of Buzz has more than 1.3 million followers while it reaches over 20 million users on social media through all types of marketing efforts like surveys, quizzes, event coverage, video ads, banner ads, TikTok content and many more.