Retargeting Marketing works for SMEs


Any business that has run a marketing campaign to drive visitors to its website will know how difficult and challenging it is. For SMEs especially, advertising plays a crucial role to direct traffic to their websites. But the problem doesn’t stop there. About 97% of visitors who visit your site will most likely leave without purchasing anything. When they leave, they probably leave for good.

Make your visitors revisit your website

Retargeting marketing is a technique where you try to bring your visitors back to your website using real-time and automated digital tools. You could have a website that attracts a lot of visitors but if they are just browsing and leaves, there is no impact at all. What you want is to have them convert into purchasing customers.

Getting the message across

In retargeting marketing, what you want to achieve is to have your customers have brand recall of you after leaving your site. There is no doubt that most visitors are not ready to make a purchase when they visit your website. But in the event that they are ready to buy, would you be the top-of-mind? With the right retargeting technique, you would be.

What are you banking on?

You leverage the idea that digital marketing relies on a long-term relationship with your customers. Impulsive buying will only take you this far and it works for commodity products.

But if you are an SME building a brand and relationship with your potential customers, you need to think further. The example below is one of the many ways retargeting works. Tools such as Facebook Pixels provide you with some of the features that might help you get your customers back.

  • You have taken the necessary steps to bring visitors to your site. This means you probably captured their email or contact information.
  • Your site has all the information about your products and features.
  • You have a special offer or promotion which is visible.
  • Yet, your customer did not buy.
  • After they leave, reconnect with them and remind them of the special offer they would have seen during their visit.

We help retargeting

To retarget your customers, we can help you in analyzing your web traffic, where they are coming from and how to reach out to them after they leave. We help you track their behavior and help your business achieve top-of-mind in the future.


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