The Rakyat Post


The Rakyat Post is an online newspaper that offers an alternative source of information.it is owned by 3rd Wave Media Sdn Bhd and presented in its format broadsheet layout. The Rakyat Post’s tagline is to Inspire, Celebrate and Elevate Malaysians through its independent reporting style.

Background of The Rakyat Post

The Rakyat Post started out in 2013 and was operational for 3 years before it stopped operating as a news portal. Later in 2019, it was bought over and relaunched as a non-news media organization.

Fondly known as TRP, it remained as independent news sourced to the present day. Back in 2016, the cease in operation was related to a non-payment of employees case. The Malay Mail then bought over The Rakyat Post in June 2016 and the case was then resolved.

Sections and reporting in TRP

The Rakyat Post continues to be the source of news and information for people from all communities. It provides the latest news and reports on current affairs which are on its portal as well as shared in social media.

Besides that, The Rakyat Post also provides information on other areas through its categories of Taste which is among its most popular segments. It focuses on Malaysian food, recipes and updates since Malaysian food is very much celebrated and loved.

Other segments found in The Rakyat Post include Tech, Living, Fun and a video segment where some of the current and interesting short videos are posted and shared via its YouTube channel.


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