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Thestar Advertising Rates
The Star is undeniably Malaysia’s most read English Language daily. There are 2 main versions of the newspaper which is The Star which is published on Mondays to Saturdays while Sunday Star is published on Sundays.

Highest readership in Malaysia

The Star has previously recorded a readership of 1.024 million while Sunday Star has a circulation of 973,000 readers. In within these 2 editions, there are many other segments within The Star which like StarMetro which is divided between the Central, North, South and East and Sarawak respectively. Those editions are all specifically catered for readers in the respective states and regions across the country.

Sections of The Star

The newspaper is generally made up of the Main Paper, Star2 and StarBiz/BizWeek. On top of that, there are other more targeted segments like R.AGE for the younger group, StarBytz on IT, StarEducate and Clove as well as others too.
With so many sections with different interests and issues, The Star would have a lot to cater to almost anyone with any form of interest.

Advertising rates in The Star

The advertising rates for The Star is considered to be higher as it is the market leader of English Language newspapers in Malaysia. Prime positions like the front pages and the first few pages, sports pages and such would require loading fees.

Basically, it can be assumed that more visible a location is, the costlier the space would be which means that the main page’s space would be the most expensive in the entire paper. After all, all advertisers would want to have their ads or messages seen in the most prominent place of the leading daily in Malaysia.

Rates and locations

The main first half of the newspaper would require RM44,800 for a full-page colour advertisement but this would be considered to be quite good ROI (Return on Investment) as The Star prints almost 300,000 copies daily and is read by more than 1 million people. In this context, the colour separation and production of the design is borne by the advertiser which must be completed and delivered to the publication’s printing office according to the schedule.

For full page coloured advertisements on the second half of the newspaper, it would be RM30,000+ which is 20% less than the front half. However, if the advertiser leaves it to The Star’s discretion to place the full paged colour advertisement anywhere in the paper, it would cost RM30,000.

Full page coloured advertisements on StarMetro are cheaper as the readership is slightly lower but can be more targeted. Rates for Central, North, South & East and Sarawak are RM20,000+, RM20,000+, RM10,000+ and RM10,000+ respectively. Like any other newspapers in the market, The Star also practices insertion based rates in which the advertiser can choose to buy several insertions for a specific period of time where they will enjoy a certain discounted price on the space.

Background and history

As mentioned, the most popular English Language daily newspaper in Malaysia is The Star. It has a circulation of more than 280,000 daily as audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), Malaysia. It is a member of the Asia News Network, among others which allows it source for news across the world.

Of late, The Star’s popularity has been diminishing since the advent of online newspapers which is the same situation faced by other major newspapers like The Sun and New Straits Times. Apart from that, it is owned by MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) which is a component party of the ruling government of Barisan Nasional. Although The Star is associated to a political party, The Star has been seen to put in a lot of efforts to provide more unbiased reports and apolitical in their news.

The Star began publications in 1971 when it was a regional based daily for the city of Georgetown in Penang. 5 years later, it went national with the Kuala Lumpur office setup. It then moved to Petaling Jaya in 1981 where it continued to grow in numbers. Since then, The Star has been the mainstay in any newsstands across the country.
Ask anyone to buy an English newspaper and the first name that will come to mind would be The Star and this has not changed for the last few decades. In fact, it is expected to continue as the trend in the near future.

There are 5 editions of The Star which is being published of which 2 for the northern region, 2 for the rest of the country while 1 for Sarawak in East Malaysia. Weekday editions of The Star come in 4 main sections namely StarBiz, StarTwo, Star Metro and the Main paper which also include the Classifieds section. There are also weekly supplements like Technology, Motoring, Golf and other segments on specific days of the paper.

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