Top 5 Social Media Tools That Will Up Your Retail Game

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Social media plays a vital role in our lives today with the rise of technology – so much so that about 78 percent of Malaysians view their smartphones as an indispensable shopping-mate that is often used to research products before calling the shot.

Social Media Makes the World Go Round

E-commerce is, definitely, the forefront of the consumer world and it only makes sense for businesses to focus on this platform. And that’s exactly what most businesses have been doing, but some folks aren’t exactly aware of some of the innovative tools these platforms have to offer. So, what are the five e-commerce tools that will take your retail game to a whole new level?

1. Pinterest Lens

Many don’t know this but Pinterest Lens is an extremely useful consumer item. This discovery tool helps you see other related goods based on what your camera is looking at. Take for example, if you take a picture of red chillies, the tool may whip up a yummy salsa or even a sambal recipe!

Going Further With Pinterest

This innovative tool takes your experience with Pinterest that much further than merely collecting and pinning things on your board. With time, you would be able to take a picture of anything under the sun and Pinterest Lens will be right there with a menu of related goods.

2. Like to Know It

If you’re on Instagram, you’re probably following at least one fashion guru – these are the fashionistas who simply love #ootd’s . Well, Like to Know It is your perfect go-to tool to find out where you can nab the look for yourself.

Retail at Your Fingertips

Merged with Instagram itself, the app offers users a chance to upload screenshots of outfits in their newsfeeds where Like To Know It users can buy straight off the app. With this, brands, bloggers as well as public figures will have an easier time to market clothing and accessories via Instagram.

3. Instagram: Shoppable Photo Tags

Instagram’s all-new feature called shoppable tags is an innovation of tagging on the social media platform. Just like how you normally tag people, shoppable tag allows businesses to tag products in their uploads. Brands such as Kate Spade New York and Warby Parker have already been testing this out by including product information and additional links to their IG posts.

Making Business A Lot More Accessible

By tapping on “tap to view products,” users will be shown prices, details, extra photos as well as a “shop now” button to kick off purchasing. Brands can now make better usage of Instagram for business – instead of ads and retail landing pages, this site can be your new tool for discovery, marketing and sales.

4. Polyvore

Polyvore, a community style platform, is perfect for setting up collages of different goods from various online retail stores. Additional details will be displayed along with a link to purchase when user hover over it. These collages can then be shared across all popular social media networks and discovered via the Polyvore app.

Fashion at Your Leisure

This platform has grown into one of the most effective source in helping e-commerce sites to build traffic and sales. A large part of its success derives from it being utilized as a discovery tool for folks to find what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to fashion.

5. The MasterPass Facebook Messenger Bots

MasterPass, a digital wallet feature which allows users to finalize transactions via Facebook Messenger, is the product of collaboration between MasterCard and Facebook Messenger. This service offers a refreshingly new consumer experience where bots help you look for restaurants and even orders your food for you!

Time Is Precious – So, Don’t Waste It

This is an innovative way for users to interact with businesses to fulfil their needs and it also doesn’t force too much time out of them. Bots are faster and easier to use and users don’t need to download a company’s app to use the services – well, this sure is redefining fast food.


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