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Top Web Portals in Malaysia

malaysia top portals

The online market in Malaysia has been booming since the turn of the decade and has continued to grow by leaps and bounds over the years. Buying behaviour online has changed with a major paradigm shift with more Malaysians becoming more confident of shopping online. Top portals in Malaysia include news portals, online banking and shopping.

  1. Maybank2u – The online banking portal by Malaysia’s largest bank, Maybank is the most widely-accessed banking site. It provides transfer of funds, checking of accounts, paying of bills and other banking services.
  2. Mudah – This online marketplace has grown to become self-sufficient, sitting at the top 5 portals list in Malaysia. In fact, Mudah reports that it has more than 1.2million items listed by its members for sale with buyers accessing the site throughout the day.
  3. AirAsia – Malaysia’s top airline site for the budget carrier. Offering air ticketing, hotel booking and holiday packages, AirAsia is an extremely popular site that offers occasional promotions and cheap air fare.
  4. Cari – The local word for ‘find’, it is branded to be the ‘Malaysian Lifestyle Media’ which provides everything anyone needs to know about Malaysia.
  5.– In terms of forums, no other sites come close to which is one of the best places to find information on just about anything ranging from gadgets to cars, banking services, pricing of commodities, share market. is so popular because it allows users to share information through experience and other resources.
  6. Paultan – When it comes to information about cars and motoring, is top in this list. Malaysians from all walks of life, regardless of whether they are car enthusiasts visits this site daily to read about reviews, latest news and updates on the automotive industry.
  7. Malaysiakini – This news portal has become a ‘must-read’ for its subscribers on a daily basis, offering real-time updates and sometimes ‘controversial’ news in politics and current affairs.
  8. Hmetro – This is the online portal for Harian Metro where it is the top Bahasa Malaysia news portal, providing entertainment news, gossips, business and political news, among others to its readers.
  9. Jobstreet – This online job recruitment and career portal is the most visited sites among Malaysians who check in for updates about available jobs and vacancies in the market. They receive periodical alerts on jobs in their preferred industry while Jobstreet organizes roadshows and career fairs throughout the year as well.
  10. Zalora – An online shopping portal that sells all types of products for men, women and children. It has a broad range of fashion apparel, accessories, gadgets and others. Zalora has been around for less than 5 years and have already grown to become the top shopping portal in Malaysia, surpassing the likes of Groupon and every other online stores.