Top Social Networking Sites in Malaysia


Social networking in Malaysia is a booming sector. In fact, Malaysia has one of the most active social networkers in the world today. In a recent report, it was revealed that more than 20 million Malaysians are Facebook users which make up almost half of the total population of the country. Of that number, about 35% of them are between 18 and 24 years of age which means that the young generation are most active.

Below are the top 10 social networking sites in Malaysia.

  1. Facebook – This social network tops most lists in social networking sites across the world. In Malaysia, it is the same where it is No.1 in every measurable ranking. It has been reported that Facebook enjoys more than 12 million unique visitors each month in this country alone.
  2. YouTube – As a video media sharing network, it is used by Malaysians daily. With about 6 million unique visitors on a monthly basis, it sits on number 2 of this list and is an extremely powerful marketing tool for advertisers venturing into the video marketing campaigns. Besides that, YouTube is used in politics, entertainment and social affairs.
  3. Twitter – This microblogging site is used by people across the world ranging from world leaders to celebrities. In Malaysia, Twitter is used by politicians who are followed by millions of Malaysians each day.
  4. LinkedIn – One of the fastest rising social networks for professionals and working adults to connect with others, sharing working and job experiences.
  5. Tumblr – Currently fifth in Malaysia, this social network is used by Malaysians, particularly those between 18 and 24 years old to share images and post comments.
  6. Tagged – This social discovery site is currently rising in popularity in Malaysia, allowing members to connect and meet new people online.
  7. Pinterest – Allowing members to share images and videos, Pinterest is becoming more popular as one of the top social networks due to its large network of members and easy-of-use.
  8. Weibo – This social network is in Chinese language and is extremely popular among the Chinese community who connects with each other in their native language not only within Malaysia but across the world.
  9. Says – Says.com is a social news network originated from Malaysia where members can share information in real time. Compared to other international sites, Says.com is more localized which is why it is often preferred by Malaysians.


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