Topping Google search results

Most companies hope that their website emerged top in Google search results. Getting beaten by your less competent competitors can be frustrating. Appointed marketers often question themselves, how did that happen when your website offers more functions and applications that best suit clients’ tastes.

The answer is pretty simple. Your competitors have conducted fundamental search engine optimization (SEO) successfully. It is extremely important to use SEO fundamental wisely to top Google search results. In fact, SEO is inexpensive and also simple to use.

Researching a little about SEO helps you to optimize the web pages. Companies need to remember that search engines appreciate reward and incentive. In addition to that, bear in mind that the web page is more likely to be found if it matches closely to the original search query. So the most important element that will determine your ranking in Google is by including the right keyword in the right places on a particular page. Here are some elements worth considering when optimizing your web page in Google.

The right keywords

Searching for the right keywords is crucial, as it will determine your web site’s ranking in Google. Provide keywords with good search volume especially ones that your competitors are not using. Therefore, when clients search those keywords, your web page will appear top of the search results.

You can find the right keywords with high search volume via Google’s Keyword Research Tool. Later on, you may type in that particular word and search for it in Google. If the search results produced more than 1 million, you can say goodbye to that word, as your web page will most probably emerge in the middle of the results. You need to narrow down the word to facilitate clients when they search for particular term.

After researching the right word to be included in Google’s Keyword Research Tool, compile and organize a list complete with relevant and high search volume keywords. This is the basic method that determines SEO’s success.

Where and how to use the keywords wisely

Never stuff a page with numerous keywords, as it will only confuse the search engines. The best approach is to include one keyword per page in few places that includes the domain name, filename, meta title, meta description, headlines and sub-headlines, main text, image captions as well as the hyperlink.

Domain name

So far, domain name is the most powerful place to include a keyword. A tip for those who sell more than 1 thousand products: you may use the user’s search term in the filename.


This is an example of the name of product in the filename
By providing the products’ name/brand in the filename, you are giving Google strong address for the information.

Meta title/meta description

Do not be afraid of this jargon ‘meta’. All you have to remember is Google listing comprises – the Title, the Description and the Filename. Hence, these three elements must include the search term.

Headline and sub-headline (H1 and H2)

These are the headings on each page on top of a particular paragraph. All you have to do is to ensure the keywords appear in both elements.

Main text

After determining the search term for Google, you should use this particular term in the page text especially the first paragraph, middle and also end (conclusion). However, do not make it over-repetitive. When including this term in the page text, ensure that the content is appealing and interesting. Include relevant information that includes solution.

Image caption

It is extremely important for you to briefly explain the image as search engines can’t see the images. The images usually appears as a form of black hole on the page.


Google search produce results based on the web site’s popularity. One of the most important indication is the number of web pages link/URL in your website. Google commonly reward the users with good one-way links better rankings. However, bear in mind that you should not buy links.

The most effective methods to encourage more links for your web pages is by including interesting content and better quality of online PR.

Results can takes weeks or months, depending on your website’s seo health

Allow some time for the web page to take root and grow. It may takes up to nine months for you to see results and differences in rankings. This is commonly known as Sandbox effect. To ensure that the web page produces results at a faster speed, you can also supplement your SEO with Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising. This effective method helps your page to reach top of the search results as well as provide valuable SEO data. All in all, combination of SEO and PPC enables you to improve rankings in a search page.

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