Using Bots in Marketing


You should by now notice how chatbots are fast becoming common in many marketing strategies. They are efficient, always available and very cost-effective.

Bots can only do so much

Bots are typically chatbots or (chat robots). They are automated systems that help marketers connect with their target audience. While they can answer any questions or queries from the customers, there are still limitations. People still might prefer human interactions for certain marketing and sales issues such as returns, technical support or warranty claims.

Should you be concerned?

As a marketer, it becomes extremely important that you ride on the wave of what your competitors are doing. Why would Apple invest so much on Siri and Google on Google Voice when there is no market for this? As they move towards smarter devices, bots are now becoming tools to buy products, order food and even for organizing meetings.

What are your options?

Marketing (or digital marketing) is all about customer engagement. Bots are one of the best platforms to do this. When you have a bot to attend to customer queries, you can streamline and minimize the topics discussed. It can be all about your products, denying the user from asking irrelevant questions.

Bots as first-level customer service

No doubt some customers still like human interaction. Bots can be your first level to attend to any queries. In fact, CRMs are the platforms that use the most bots. Instead of having to wait in line to speak to someone over the phone, bots can first get your details and do some preparation. By pulling out your data like Sales ID, invoice number and customer name, at least you do not waste time waiting.

Advertising through Bots

Once the bot gathers the preliminary information it needs, then you can use this time to advertise to them. They have to wait for some time anyway. This is the best time to personalize your ads to them. However, you need to try to sound as humanly as possible. You get a few moments with your user, what are you going to say?

Get feedback

This is the time to let your Bot ask for feedback from your customers. With bots, you can now save on doing phone or ground surveys. Bearing in mind that you only have a minute or two, it would be ideal to have the bot ask some simple rating questions to get the best and possibly honest feedback from your customer (who is currently waiting in line).


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