Using the Coupon Marketing trick for your campaign


Coupon marketing is often regarded as one of the most effective methods in marketing. What it does is it uses the ‘save money’ technique that customers are often so interested in.

A clever marketing trick

Coupon marketing is a great way to increase sales. It is ideal for businesses that are new and trying to get more customers in wanting to buy their products. It is also great for use in special marketing campaigns by giving a one-off special promotion. When customers get to buy your products for less than its regular price, they will surely be interested.

Getting coupon marketing to work

The way coupon marketing work is very much the same as it has been done traditionally. Before online marketing came about, companies will send out coupons with special promotions via snail mail. This can be done through mass distribution to letterboxes or more targeted to a certain segment. With the internet, a new channel is now available where they are sent out via emails.

Will coupon marketing work?

There is no sure way of success when it comes to any form of marketing. The rule of thumb is that for every 10,000 impressions you get, 10% might be interested and 10% of that 10% might be your potential customers. And that is a very ambitious number. But there is no reason not to get into coupon marketing. But if you do it right, you could:

  • Product awareness – inform your target market on what your products are. You can drive your customers to take a survey or to review your product and give them an incentive in return.
  • Customer loyalty – When your customers buy from you, sending them a ‘thank you’ note in a form of a coupon (with a discount or a redeemable free gift) will keep them with you. They will respond positively to your show of appreciation.

What works for your coupon?

A coupon is not just an incentive. It is a message! You need to deliver a loud and strong message to your customers that you appreciate their purchase. What makes an effective coupon?

  • Mode of delivery – This determines how personal you will get with your customers. Sending an email to them (that addresses them personally) will mean that you remember them. Reaching to them via social media would be a good way to start.
  • Content – What you say in your coupon is very important. Images must not cloud the text and your message must be clear and concise.
  • CTA – You must always have a CTA in your coupon, one which brings value to your customers. In addition to that, ensure you have a time-frame as well (a reasonable one!).

Experts in Coupon Marketing

Are you trying to reach out to your target market but not sure how to do it? Interested in coupon marketing but don’t know where to start? Let us help.


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