Video Production and Talent services


Are you a brand owner or an agency looking for high quality video production and talents for your campaign? Do you want your video to portray an accurate representation of your brand message in your campaign or even your corporate image?

Main Elements in Video Production

First of all, look for integrated and full-service video production organization, they have years of experience and very qualified experts that offer services in the following areas:

  1. Photography and Video Production
  2. Digital marketing and online advertising
  3. Talent development
  4. studio based services

Video Production Services

These are the types of videos which are normally being produced:

  1. Corporate videos – this includes producing videos that showcase the corporate identity of our clients.
  2. Promotional videos – Commonly used to promote products and services for our clients. Mostly used at corporate office
  3. Commercials –
  4. Documentaries –
  5. Product demo – Videos for educating your customers on how to use your products. Mainly used by companies whose products are technical
  6. Social media campaigns – This is currently the most popular videos. Developing videos for our clients to share on social media like Facebook and most notably YouTube.

Talents are like main actor of a movie

To ensure that your video gets the best exposure it deserves, ensure that talents used are of the best and most suitable. Source for the best image for your brand to be represented. There is large pool of talents who are contracted with many local agencies who come from different profile and demographics.

Types of talents:

  1. Models – both male and female of all age groups
  2. Actors and actresses – mostly used as spokespersons or brand ambassadors for brand owners
  3. Singers – solo, duo, groups, bands and such
  4. Voice talents – from children to some of the most recognized voices in the industry. Perfect for radio commercials and for voice-overs
  5. Entertainers – If you are looking for a different type of talent who can be a magician, a stand-up comedian or even a football juggler
  6. other talents – besides those in front of the camera, we offer a full range of those who help behind the scene as well. This includes make-up artists, backdrop designers, sound engineers and camera crew as well.



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