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The business of digital marketing is growing exponentially around the world today. As a growing business and one which looks forward to expansion in the future, it is vital to ride on the power of this sector to ensure success and that you stay ahead of the competition.

When looking for an agency that can help you make use of the power of this media, it is important to choose only the best so that your marketing campaign will enjoy the highest success and visibility.

The opportunities in Video Marketing

This is where Advertising.com.my comes in. We have been in the industry for more than a decade now where we have worked together with some of the top companies in deriving the most cutting-edge and high quality campaigns around.

Over the years, we have achieved a lot of success in all types of advertising strategy that include riding on the wave of the internet industry and more so in new areas like video marketing.Most internet users today spend most of the time online watching videos and this is where it offers a great new opportunity to reach your target audience.

Video Marketing is viral

This is the way things are today and more and more corporations have already incorporated video sharing sites like YouTube and MySpace in their campaigns where they have managed to bring about better brand awareness as compared to their competitors.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, it is only natural that using YouTube is an effective option.

After all, half of the activities recorded by internet users today are spent on watching videos or those related to it.

Advertising.com.my which started off in our humble beginnings in the area of online advertising has grown to become one of the leaders in this sector.

Today, we have developed and implemented hundreds of online campaigns which not only involve advertising in web sites but in video marketing as well.

Our team of experts are employed from people with a lot of experience in the industry particularly in video production and programming of contents.

They have been specifically selected for their compelling work and past record to bring the best designs to our clients. We have worked with countless clients who range from GLCs to MNCs as well as entrepreneurs and small businesses. In doing so, we have cultivated a set of very established and reputable methodology which is highly effective.

We are here to assist you from production to video marketing

We start the process through the conceptualizing and conceiving of ideas from our clients in the initial stage. This is where we will sit down with you and collaborate on what video should be produced and then strategizing begins.

It can be decided here whether to produce a commercial-like or short movie clip.

After that, the location of where and when the video is to be posted will be determined before it is incorporated into the marketing campaign as a whole. From there, we will keep track of whether the video marketing effort has been effective and measures will be taken to ensure that it is.

Types of marketing videos

Videos used for marketing is one area where Advertising.com.my specializes in. This is because having been involved in this marketing area for more than 15 years, we have accumulated very relevant and effective methods used in marketing and advertising, particularly in the digital form and media.At Advertising.com.my, we always put our clients first when it comes to content. Our highly qualified creative team will offer input and feedback where needed while our clients’ requirements are always the priority.

We ensure the highest impact Video Marketing campaign

Therefore, when it comes to using videos for marketing, we work together through the entire development of this media to ensure the highest impact and the most effective campaigns can be carried out.

We develop all types of videos that can be used for marketing. You will find that using videos for marketing is not merely posting a video on a website or through YouTube. Instead video marketing requires a combination of techniques, strategies, science, art and a lot of planning.

Over the years, Advertising.com.my has embarked into countless digital marketing campaigns, putting us as among the most experienced and successful agencies in the market.

We have developed videos for all kinds of environments which are catered for different business needs.

We have developed videos like Talking Heads where a person talks about a certain product or a brand. We have conducted interviews and shot them with consumers, market leaders and product owners and then posted them on social media sites to inform the customers about what the brand is all about.

Our team of experts has conducted live Webcast videos where we showcased our clients’ events and roadshows through a live streaming process. If our clients require a product showcase or demonstration, we are able to record a video powerpoint presentation which are very useful for formal sessions.

‘Product Guide’ and ‘How To’ videos

Our ‘Product Guide’ and ‘How To’ videos are one of our flagship services in which we have been highly successful, receiving a lot of visits from people around the world.

Other offerings that we include in our video marketing services include Screencast or Recorded Demonstration, photo montage or slideshows, sales and marketing pitch videos, product launch videos, testimonials by customers and clients, product demonstrations, Webinars, animation and even videos that are specifically designed for email.

These are among some of the services that Advertising.com.my can offer to help you in video marketing although we are always ready to listen to new ideas. Our team are more than capable of producing cutting-edge videos that can be deployed in any media which will help your campaign to succeed and on a larger scale.

Video Production Services

At Advertising.com.my, we are constantly on the expansion and improvement paths.

We ensure that what we have been offering will continue to provide our clients with the best services and products to assist you in your advertising campaigns.

Meanwhile, we will continue to expand our offerings so that you will constantly enjoy more options when engaging us in your projects. We believe that advertising is not only showing commercials in the mass media where we ensure that everything that happens behind the scenes go through similar quality control and checks as well.

Our contemporary designers will produce the most effective ads for you

Therefore, when you work with Advertising.com.my, you will find that we put a lot of emphasis in our creative and production, where we find and employ only the best and contemporary designers to derive the most appropriate and effective ads for you. As part of offering only the best services to you, we work around our own team of creative experts.

One area that we have put a lot of focus on in recent years is our video production services.

This is where we will provide you with the entire supply chain of producing your own video to be deployed in any media. Our video production services will be channeled through our own team of people and our in-house production equipment.

Whether you want to create a video for the mass media or for new media like the internet or through the mobile networks, our team of highly capable and experienced staff will be ever ready to discuss with you.

Our video production services will encompass while not limited to the following areas:

Pre-production Production

Post-production and monitoring

Our video team is highly specialized in conceptualizing ideas

The pre-production stage of our video-production services is very crucial. This is where the initial discussions and conceptualizing of the idea would start.

Here is where our video team will be discussing with you on what you want the video to do and how you want it to be. Our video team is highly specialized in these areas.

They bring with them more than 10 years of experience in their respective industries to the discussion table.

Hence, you can rest assure that you will be dealing with the best and most capable people in the industry who will be able to give you the right and suitable advice on what needs to be done for an effective video. Production Once the idea has been confirmed in the discussion rounds, then it is time to move on to the actual production.

Computer graphics and talents selection

The development of our video could be purely on the computers while there could be actual shooting of videos with actors and talents. This will be carried out by our own directors and video editors who have been working on these areas for more than 10 years.

Post-production and monitoring – We will ensure that post-production editing and any other additional services will be carried out at our end and then finalize them with you before they are rolled out.

Through our media planning department, we will ensure that your videos are shown to the intended target market. After that, Advertising.com.my will monitor the effectiveness of your video and submit the report back to you.

“Product How To” video and help video

This area of service is an important offering provided by Advertising.com.my. We understand that product guide and help videos are very effective methods of educating the target market about your products which in a long run will help to build a strong brand identity and a stable brand.

Appropriate videos targeting appropriate audiences

These videos, if they are deployed at the right places to the right target group would garner very good response and feedback which will surely enhance the brand standing of your company.

Throughout the years, we have been focusing on helping our clients enjoy the best exposure in internet media.

We are experts in these areas where we can surely assist your videos to reach the market that you intend to, ensuring that the right target audience will view them.

Our services are not limited to only posting your videos as we have previously produced thousands of videos for our clients. We have produced product guides that are highly informative and useful for the target markets intended.

Videos to enhance productivity

On top of that, we have produced videos that offer technical and other assistance which are usually used as a customer relationship tool. In order to carry this out successfully, the initial step is to understand your business and products which will give us a good gauge of what needs to be produced.

Our team of capable people has carried out such projects so many times; they have become extremely well versed with the understanding of businesses and products. After that, we will translate the needs of what should be displayed into a creative manner which will then be incorporated into a video.

How to write great video scripts

Video is undeniably one of the most powerful tools used for marketing today. Digital marketing would not be as significant as it is if not for the use of videos.

Videos are extremely versatile, offering unlimited opportunities and potential for marketers in carrying out effective campaigns for brands, organizations, products and services.

High return on investment

There is no dispute that videos have brought unprecedented results for brand marketing. Videos can be used on about any platform or in any part of the marketing campaign.

Consumers are at least 5 times more receptive to video content as compared to text-based ads.

They are more likely to watch a 3-minute video to the end instead of reading a 2-minute article.

Reports have shown that nearly 90% of marketers using video claimed that they are good to return on investment as compared to all other media.

Using suitable content

Videos can be posted on any platform. Whether it is your organization’s website, a blog post, your social media platform or even your emails to your customers.

They can be used in a conventional commercial, for product demonstration, a sales pitch, a video guide or just communicating a message to your target audience.

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make in video marketing is assuming that any video will work for them.

The content used in videos must be relatable and be something that they are interested in. The duration meanwhile should not be too long as well. 3 to 5-minute videos are most common and if you have information that is much longer, perhaps using blog posts or white paper might work better for your campaign.

Highlight the important information in your videos and let your viewers find out more if they want to be directing them to your sites (via tools like CTA).

Our own in-house team to produce the concept and script

This video will be conceptualized, designed and developed by our in-house creative team where you will be consulted all along the way. Your input is very important to us where we will then use them to design the best videos for you.

From there, we will then deploy these videos through the various channels available. This could be done through your own company’s website or through social media sites like Facebook and more importantly through the use of YouTube as well as any other media that you require.

Short Movies and animation making

Advertising.com.my offers a wide range of video production services for our clients in helping you to expand your market reach and advertising campaigns. All projects undertaken by Advertising.com.my will be delivered in the best quality of services possible to cater to the marketing needs of our clients.

Short movies for Youtube or other purposes

Over the years, we have accumulated very valuable experience in advertising and marketing in which we have employed a highly capable team of video production people. Members of this team are employed through the industry in which we find only the best and experienced people so that we offer nothing less than the best services to you.

Among the services offered through our video production category is in production of short movies and animation.

When you engage Advertising.com.my, you can rest assure that we bring the best people and service to the fore. As you would know, our people are well-experienced and truly interested in your projects.

Quality short movie productions

With that, coupled with our expertise and proven track record, you can be sure of enjoying the best when it comes to production of short movies and animation. In short movie production, our team will be involved from the start as well as every other area of the project. This will start from the conceptualizing of the idea and the storyline.

From there, we will find the relevant people to be involved. This includes actors, directors, scriptwriters and even costume designers. After that, our team will be involved in the post-editing areas before the short movie is released in the relevant media needed.

In terms of animation, we have a truly capable team of animators and designers. In alignment with our business philosophy, we believe that our designers should be industry practitioners while they are well versed with the creative techniques of their respective areas.

We will start through the entire process of developing the animated video in which we use the best equipment and market-driven software.

You will be consulted on what type of animation you are looking while your approval and decision will be obtained before the video is released and launched into the market.

Video Editing

Video editing is part of our offerings in the Video Production Service segment. At Advertising.com.my, we ensure that we offer a full range of services that would be of help to your organization’s advertising and marketing needs.

Our Video Editing Services

Through our Video Editing service, we provide all types of post-video production services to suit your organization’s needs where we use only the best hardware and software to complete the tasks given to us.

When it comes to video editing, we go to great lengths to ensure that your videos go through with the best video editors in the industry.

All our people in the video production team are employed from the best companies in which they bring with them more than 15 years of experience in various capacities of video production.

Therefore, they will be more than ready to help you in editing your videos so that they are ready for use in the commercial market. The video footages can be sourced by your good self or through our own production team.

Brainstorming sessions for best results

This means that we can either help you to shoot the videos and record before editing them or alternatively, it could be from your own in-house creative team. Our video editing services start from the consultation stage in which we will sit down and discuss what you would want out of the videos.

Our experts will be able to advice you on the duration and length of the video and their appropriateness for use in specific media. Take note that videos used for commercial purposes on mass media like television and cinemas differ greatly with those uses for social media like YouTube and Facebook.

Best and universal Video Format

Rest assure that our team will be able to advice you accordingly so that you make the right decision on where to deploy the videos. Through this stage, additional footage might be added while there might be modifications of the videos so that they are tailored for the needs of your campaign.

We use only the most commercial and market ready software in our video editing, promising you only the best quality of service that your company deserve in working with us.

YouTube and vimeo video advertising

We at Advertising.com.my started out as a digital advertising company. We have been involved with online marketing for more than 15 years now where we have become the leader in this market segment.

Youtube marketing is one of your most important marketing channels

Clients from all business sectors would seek our expertise and consultation if they want to create a strong brand presence or product awareness on the internet. We have worked on countless projects with our clients where we are now the preferred partner choice when it comes to online marketing.

The use of YouTube (video sharing sites) for marketing has become one of the major movers and influencing factors that made the internet such an important marketing channel today.

This is because YouTube has the third largest membership base in terms of population in the world today.

Millions of people tune into YouTube to watch videos from music, movies, guides and any other form of entertainment. Uploading a video into YouTube is easy but uploading one which can be seen by the right people would require careful planning and strategizing. This is often referred to as Vimeo Video Advertising.

Making effective viral videos for broad target audiences

Through our years of working in online advertising, we have learnt the tricks and techniques of spreading your advertising messages online to the right group of people and to be as visible as possible. As experts in this field, we have successfully helped a lot of our clients to upload videos that reach out to their target audiences which in turn drive them into purchase or for brand awareness.

Our clients have benefited greatly from our Vimeo Video Advertising approach in which we provided all the services involved. This includes conceptualization of the idea.

Search Optimized videos in Youtube and Vimeo

Using a video for YouTube is totally different from a standard video seen on mass media like TV. We offer production of video through our highly capable production team and designers.

From there, we provide services where the video is uploaded to YouTube, ensuring that they can be easily searched and found by the intended target audience. From there, we will monitor the visits and ad-views that were garnered and reported back to the clients for next step and future enhancements.


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