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It is in our nature to go the extra mile in ensuring that clients get optimal results for every digital marketing dollar.

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By blending the practices of design, technology & marketing across various digital platforms, our efforts effectively transform brands & grow businesses.

Established in 2010, Advertising.my is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that comprises of experienced designers, developers and marketers. Over the years, we have delivered impactful digital marketing campaigns through the application of sound strategy, beautiful design and cutting edge technology.

Our proven methods, coupled with stringent quality control processes, ensure clients the best possible return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar.

This is reflected across a wide variety of projects for FMCG businesses, banking, and government sectors.

Such an ability to constantly deliver optimal ROI has been made possible due to our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of today’s digital marketing landscape that spans across the web, social and mobile platforms. If you have yet to, be sure to check out the sections below to have a better understanding of the services we offer, browse some digital marketing insights or get in touch for consulting or collaboration.

Fixx Digital Marketing

Let’s face it, maintaining an online presence without a continuous flow of the right visitors is like having a retail store without patrons.

At Advertising.my, we offer a variety of digital marketing services to fulfil objectives such as driving relevant traffic to your website, increasing app downloads or simply raising awareness of your brand.First and foremost, a crucial aspect we focus on is search engine optimisation (SEO).

Your website must not only show up for any search of its name (eg. ABC Perfume), but more importantly for generic terms such as “perfume brands in Singapore”. While that is a highly effective short to mid term strategy in digital marketing, we may employ pay per click (PPC) techniques consisting of text and banner ads to drive relevant traffic more rapidly to your website.

Alongside search marketing, Advertising.my can tap on the boundless potential of social media channels to skyrocket your following and attract the right visitors. Couple any such efforts with unique and engaging content, and your message will be delivered in a subtle, non-promotional yet convincing manner.

Finally, to supplement these key strategies, a more direct approach like email marketing may be utilized to get the most out of existing clients or generate new leads through our highly targeted databases. Simply said, one size never fits all in digital marketing. Speak to us and we’ll come up with a customized solution to ensure that you get a maximum return on investment.

Social Media Fixx

Let us understand your brand or business to give you that edge over your competitors in the social media realm.

With the introduction of social media, people’s lifestyles have changed. People are online everyday, social media has integrated itself in our daily lives.

Advertising.my recognizes that and we aim to help your brand or business engage your audience through social media. We understand the digital world and its networks.

We design and develop unique strategies to give you cutting-edge design and marketing solutions.

Aside from the many different platforms available to date, social media rides on the wave of content. It is all about your user, what they want to express, see or hear of. We advise on the best user-generated content making sure that it is the most relevant to your brand or business.

Having said that social media exists on many different platforms, you may ask, which should I choose? Being on every single social media platform may not be the solution for you. Your brand or business may end up not penetrating these platforms substantially.

As a digital marketing agency, we are here to design and give you creative content with the overall goal of persuading, according to your audience’s interests. Let us help you define the relevant social media marketing channels so you have something that effectively integrates with the overall strategy.

Mobile App Marketing

Through user-experience design and relevant strategies, we provide your audience with a memorable mobile marketing experience.

Imagine if just through your mobile device, everything surrounding you becomes interactive and digitally manipulatable. With the help of latest technologies, we can make your world a different place. This is just one example of what current technologies can do to a mobile application.

So how can a mobile marketing benefit your business or brand? It reinforces branding and increases engagement with your audiences. Mobile devices are often considered as personal to most people as they are often a reflection of people’s habits and interests.

Therefore, people find mobile applications more personal in comparison to mobile websites because they exists in their very own mobile devices.

We offer a complete range of mobile marketing services, from application development to even cloud marketing. Tell us more about your audience and allow us to recommend you the best marketing solution.

Apps vs Mobile Sites

Should my business have an app, mobile website or both? This depends on your end goals. Mobile presence is often sought after in today’s highly competitive digital world. However, fret not, speak to us about what you want to achieve. Let us guide you in creating your business’s unique mobile strategy.

Web Development

With the latest design trends and web development technology, your brand or business will be assured of a far superior online presence.

Almost everyone uses the internet. A website reflects your brand or business, a website allows unique presence in that online world.

When your customers visit a well-considered and perfectly crafted website in comparison to an average one offering the same services, it is obvious which they will choose.

So is a website all about applying the latest of technology to beautiful design? While every digital marketing agency will have a different view on this, at Advertising.my , we choose to see things as a whole.

A website is the platform for an experience, the way it connects people and enhances the value of your brand. We believe in quality experiences and quality is something we do not compromise.

To enable an optimal viewing experience of a website across all devices, we implement responsive design. By re-sizing your browser or tilting your tablet to the side, you will realize how we have applied it here. This is just one of the many features that is seen across our work today.

At a glance, we provide web development solutions that range from simple microsites to more complex Content Management Systems, eCommerce setups, and customized web applications. Speak to us to find out what’s best for you


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