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EPOS, Simplest and most affordable Restaurant POS system

POS for Cafes and coffee placesn

Your team of baristas will be able to serve customers faster and more efficiently. Using an Android device that can be mounted over the counter (like a POS), they can take orders very quickly. This can also be used for self-service kiosks or through a waiter.

POS for Hawkers and stalls

Not requiring a large space, EPOS offers a revolutionary platform for hawkers to manage their businesses better. Our proprietary system allows you to work both online and offline and it integrates well with your kitchen as well.

POS for Kiosks or Pop Ups

EPOS is a perfect solution for small kiosks in shopping malls or pop-up stores in all types of locations. You only require an Android device which can be lightweight, you can manage the order taking process, payment and menu pictures.

POS for F&B

Order taking in restaurants would be most prominent with EPOS. Now your staff no longer need to be confined to the terminal to key in orders but can be mobile anywhere with the device. Orders are then sent directly and immediately to the kitchen for food preparation which will then be updated in the POS for payment later.

POS for Clubs and Bars

If you operate a bar or a club, the traffic will always be high and busy. EPOS will give you the solution to manage your inventory, orders and billing systems all in a single platform. This will also ensure that you have sufficient material to fulfil orders for your customers throughout operational hours.

Features of EPOS

Our all-in-one POS solution will be the only system you need that will propel your business to a whole new level. At your fingertips is a powerful and reliable system that can be used in all types of F&B businesses of any size.

Digital Menu

Your outlet gets a digital menu based on your actual menu. This means that your customers would be able to order their food online or through the kiosk provided.

Mobile ordering

Your waiters and restaurant staff are not confined to the terminal like they used to be. They can be mobile, moving about in the restaurant and taking orders which will then be directly sent to the kitchen. This saves time and ultimately becomes more cost-effective.

Self-ordering and Pickup

Your customers can now enjoy self-ordering. They can either order online (which is integrated with EPOS) or through a QR code. On top of that, they can also enjoy over-the-counter self-ordering too. This platform also allows your customers to check their queue if they order takeaways.

Portable payments for your customers

With EPOS, your customers can now pay for their bills at their table through a portable payment POS system. This platform provides features like splitting of bills and accepts most payment types.

Scalability and Platform Ready

EPOS works with most Android devices. Device compatibility is among the highest and can be easily integrated with most hardware and software in the market.

With EPOS, your business will operate through a cloud-based service that you can access using an easy-to-understand dashboard. This also means that you can access the system remotely for updating prices, menu items or other purposes.

The ROI is Tremendousn

Reporting is crucial for any business and more so when it comes to restaurants and Food and Beverages (F&B) outlets. With reports, you can make better and more accurate decisions that will help your business grow. EPOS reporting tools provide you with the relevant features catered to boost your F&B business in every way. Over the years, EPOS has been adopted in thousands of restaurants which gives us useful insights into what matters and what would not.

All-in-one dashboard and monitoring

With EPOS Reports, you can now gauge the performance of your F&B outlet at a glance. This is extremely important as you only need numbers that matter to your business. You can now avoid data overload with the right tools to analyze them. Basically, you get a system that is designed for you with only figures that are related like average turnaround time, and total revenue (daily, monthly, yearly, quarterly or even hourly).

  • Daily reports to compare sales generated automatically
  • List of best-selling items
  • Reports related to customer consumption

Promotions, vouchers and discounts reports

Determining the effectiveness of your promotions can be tricky. EPOS Reports give you the feature with numbers and figures to show if any of your promotions or discounts are given to achieve their objectives. This is because there will be situations where certain promotions might seem to be working but could be in actual fact denting your bottom line (profit). Here, you can now see the percentage of your promotions that are affecting your total revenue which makes it easy to track and manage

  • Check the total discounts given out and how they affect your bottom line
  • Determine which promotions are most effective and which are not
  • Make a comparison of discounts given out based on days/weeks/months

Analyze your sales orders

This system now gives you a new platform to use data in deciding what to order for the future. You do not need to use your gut feelings or intuition anymore as you get data to support your buying decisions. Furthermore, EPOS Reports give you clear indications on what sells well and what does not so you can focus on them or fine-tune your menu to serve your customers better. Restaurants use this feature to help them determine which are the popular items to create set meals

  • Rank your items by popularity and sales
  • Simulate changes in the menu to see how they affect prices
  • Find new combinations of items to become set meals

User management and authorization

It is normal to have disputes in the F&B business. With this feature, you can now prevent or solve such misunderstandings. Selective authorization allows you to make changes like modify orders (based on the position of the personnel) override orders, give discounts and such. All you need is a standard web browser and you can do this from any remote computer

  • Check who is on duty and monitor clocking in and out
  • Access the system from any smartphone device
  • Track and determine discounts given out

Billing and Order reporting

At the end of each selling day, EPOS allows you to track all the payments received from all sources including debit and credit cards, digital wallets and other integrated platforms. This makes the closing process much easier and faster. Reports can be generated including total sales, discounts are given out and other related transactions and then emailed to the relevant parties

  • Consolidate all payment methods
  • Reports emailed to you

Managing customer-related issues

With EPOS, you can now manage your customers data for better service delivery. This will be ideal for your F&B outlet to create better customer loyalty where you can make bookings, reservations and orders at a click of a button. On top of that, it can be done via standard tablets and computers

  • Manage your customers order history
  • Report your customer data

With EPOS, your restaurant can now enjoy an all-in-one solution. Your business will enjoy:

  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • More orders can be processed within a shorter period of time
  • Easy to use and start right away
  • Efficient kitchen management for food preparation

Used by more than 3000 clients worldwide


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