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How To Publish YouTube Video Rank High


Climb Your Way to the Top of YouTube

If you haven’t heard of this site called YouTube, you’re probably living under a rock. YouTube, with over millions of users daily, is a go-to video website for most folks today and it has the ability to give you the coverage you need for your business, event or simply building your brand. Well, if you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you through it all!

Right From The Top

To make YouTube work for you, it’s vital that you first learn how to publish a video on the site. All you have to do is follow the steps below:
• Log into your YouTube and click Upload.
• Make changes to the video privacy setting as you see fit.
• Select a video from your storage or you could even create a video slideshow or import a video from Google Photos.

Time To Fire It Up

After decision has been made, you should:
• Edit the details and the advanced settings of the video while waiting for the upload process to be completed.
• Then, click Publish to finish the process.
• If the privacy has been set to private or unlisted, select Done to finalize the upload or select Share to privately share it

Make Your Videos Work For You

Okay, so now you’ve got your YouTube video up and running and you’ve shared it everywhere – but is that enough to get you the views you hoped for? Most people neglect one of the most important aspects of the process and that is YouTube SEO. By sprinkling in some SEO tips, you’ll be sure to get better search results and gain higher organic traffic for your YouTube videos

Keywords Make the Best Titles

Titles are the first thing users see and these paint a good picture of what your video is about. You could take advantage of search engine auto complete feature by typing into Google what you think people would search for and use the suggestions as your title. Aside that, you could also do the same on YouTube and use the auto complete suggestions offered there as well.

Take That A Notch Higher

The description of your video, especially the first two to three lines, matters a whole lot in ranking your video high up in the search engine. You could also use the search engine’s suggestions for this – if the searched keyword matches the first two line of your video description then you can be sure that your video will garner higher ranking.

Don’t Commit This Fatal Sin

Most folks won’t realize this but the name of your video file actually plays a crucial role in helping you widen your reach. Don’t leave your videos with names such as mov007.avi or anything along that line; it’s best that you rename your video with keywords. Since search engines can’t look into your video content, your file name tells the search algorithm what your video is really about.

Make Annotations Your Best Friend

YouTube offers a feature called Video Annotations and this is an exciting addition to your video as you can throw in bits of interactive commentary. On top of that, these annotations could be linked to other videos or even to your channel. This makes viewers spend more time on your brand page and could lead to a boost in business as well as subscription.

Get Tagging!

Tags are another golden key to your high ranking in YouTube search but it’ll only work if you do it right. Be sure to list specific tags first followed by general tags such as ‘blogging tips’ or ‘rooting tutorials’. If you wish to follow in the steps of pro YouTubers, try giving Tubebuddy tool a chance as this helps in finding the right tags to be used with your video.

The Narrower, The Better

Try to keep your content consistent without diverting too far away from your niche as regular videos on the same topic helps YouTube in ranking you higher for related search terms. Although it’s wise to keep things fresh by tweaking your style and formats, it’s best to keep your niche as narrow as possible.