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– Market analysts have given their takes on the hashtag revolution. Through Instagram, hashtags are now key and very crucial to reaching customers via social networks and this is not only through Instagram but Facebook and Twitter as well. This is why companies and brands are scrambling to use the most relevant and related hashtags for their products and services.

Spokesperson really works

– The good thing about Instagram is that you can engage a spokesperson like a brand ambassador or someone popular and related to your brand. This has been tried and tested by a lot of businesses in the market and they have been highly effective in their own ways.

Tap on Ready Network

– If you are in the retail clothing business, it is very easy to find a ready-network to tap into. Once you connect into a single channel, the network will expand by itself because you get followers and those who are in the same interest. This makes customers engagement a lot easier.

Integration with other digital media

– The easiest form of engagement is to use the digital media which is already in the market. When you integrate Instagram with say e-mail or Facebook, you start a trail which can be very impactful since your customers are already in your mailing list. Ultimately, you get to engage your customers in ways which have not been possible before.

Instagram is one of the more powerful social networks in the world today. It has been around for quite a while now with more than 300 million active users (and counting) while it has been reported to have more than 70 million images being posted daily. Unlike social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram relies heavily on images and people to share among one another in order to expand their networks. So, what does marketing using Instagram entails since this is such an exciting platform?

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