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Malaysia Instagram Marketing

The Hashtag Craze

Market analysts have given their takes on the hashtag revolution. Through Instagram, hashtags are now key and very crucial to reach customers via social networks and this is not only through Instagram but Facebook and Twitter as well.

This is why companies and brands are scrambling to use the most relevant and related hashtags for their products and services so that they can reach more users in the shortest and quickest ways possible.

Influencers really work

The good thing about Instagram is that you can engage a spokesperson like a brand ambassador or someone popular and related to your brand known as influencers. This has been tried and tested by a lot of businesses in the market and they have been highly effective especially for brand building.

Why use influencers?

One of the challenges for businesses today is to find a key influencer that resonates with the brand and the customers. The keyword here is ‘Follow’. Users (as in your potential customers) will want to follow someone because:

  • The influencer is genuine – A person who is honest about the product and not just hard-selling.
  • Similar background – Users will follow an influencer whom they can relate to in terms of culture, background and heritage.
  • Related and relevant – This is crucial for brands that want to extend a personal relationship to their customers.

Tap into a Ready Network
If you are in the retail clothing business, it is very easy to find a ready-network to tap into. Once you connect into a single channel, the network will expand by itself because you get followers and those who are in the same interest. This makes customer engagement a lot more effective.

Integration with other digital media
The easiest form of engagement is to use digital media which is already in the market. When you integrate Instagram with e-mail or Facebook, you start a trail which can be very impactful since your customers are already in your mailing list.

Ultimately, you get to engage your customers in ways that have not been possible before. This is also something that other media cannot offer.
Is Instagram really that powerful?
It is not surprising that Instagram is one of the more powerful social networks in the world today. Unlike social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram relies heavily on images and people to share among one another in order to expand their networks.

By 2020, Instagram has:

  • More than 1 billion active users (and counting)
  • Each Instagram post has an average of 10.7 hashtags
  • Users spend more than 50 minutes per day on Instagram.
  • Instagram stories are very popular with more than half of the active users assessing them daily.
  • Instagram has more interactions with users as compared to Facebook of up to 4 times.
  • Instagram can influence (up to 80%) the purchase decision of its users.

Instagram in Malaysia
What then is the potential of Instagram for your digital marketing efforts in Malaysia? There are about 11.6 million Instagram users in Malaysia (as of March 2020) of which 45.8% of them are male. This puts Malaysia in the top 20 most active Instagram users in the world.

What then would your strategy be if you are on social media platforms? Do you seek to expand your network and reach while enjoying higher impact and engagements with your customers? Do you want to connect and constantly be in touch with your users?

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