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Marketing for hotels

marketing for Hotels

Hotels are big business. Whether it is an international chain or a small business operating a budget hotel, some form of marketing must be put in place to tell customers of your existence or you will lose out in the competition.

What strategy works for hotels?

There are all types of travel sites which would be more than happy to list your hotel for you. However, despite all that, you will still need to have an updated website with the URL that reflects your hotel. This means that you will need an integrated marketing strategy that only suits your hotel.

Get listed on sites

This is crucial. First, your own site must be update with the latest information and images of your hotel. There should be sufficient provision for SEO so that your site is picked up by search engines. Then, get listed with top sites like Agoda, Trivago and Booking. This will give you more exposure.

Pricing is priority

Most of your customers will be interested to know about your rates. If you cannot offer rates that are better than the travel sites, then direct your customers to those sites. Your site must provide information on room rates.

Increase customer loyalty

One thing about hotel business is that, once a guest like your establishment, they will want to come back again. It is always better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Those who are coming from other countries will like to stay in a place that they had stayed before and was comfortably.

Hence, it would work very well if you offer some form of loyalty program or a discount for staying with you again. This works wonders because when you have this program, you are connected to your guest either through social media or on email.

Video marketing

This is a great platform to start with. Video marketing will give your guests a sense of what to expect. Virtual tours of your hotel would be great since they get to see what your hotel looks like and what rooms they can expect to stay in. This is because a video will give them more than merely pictures which most viewers will brush off as ‘photoshopped’.

Customer service

You are in the service industry. Nothing beats good customer service. Take note that you need to provide good customer service in your hotel as well as in the virtual world. If you have a social media account, ensure that queries are answered in the shortest time possible. And when you do this, ensure that it is professionally carried out. Then you will experience good word-of-mouth marketing among your guests.