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Integrated Advertising in Marketing

An integrated advertising campaign can work wonders when you do this in a carefully and meticulously planned manner. It involves using several advertising channels effectively and sending out a message through a consistent and compelling way.

Best Integrated Advertising

What you want to achieve through integrated advertising is a cost-effective way of sending your brand message to your target audience. If you can pull this off successfully, you can:

  1. Reduce cost – The modern media mix can be extremely challenging if you do not know how to spend your marketing budget. With an integrated advertising campaign, you save more because you can make better use of where the funds are going
  2. Consistency – An integrated advertising campaign gives you the ability to see the big picture. From the start point, you will have a consistent approach when it comes to content and brand message. This helps you to better achieve your objective from the start.

If it works, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Make no mistake about this. Anyone in the advertising or media industries will know what integrated advertising is and the benefits. The only problem is, not everyone knows how to do it effectively. Many so-called agencies believe that an integrated advertising campaign means consolidating the media and then delivering the message. That is the issue right there! They are not aware that it is more than that. It could well be something else altogether.

So, what is this all about?

The first thing you must know is that advertising is not an independent entity by itself. Like it or not, it is connected to several other activities which are equally as important. This is after all, activities that are run to complement each other. An integrated advertising campaign allow you to look at advertising from the get-go. After that, you will use other activities to help you achieve that objective. The whole idea is to collectively create an impact in your campaign.

What are the other activities?

The concept of integrated advertising has changed tremendously in recent years. With the advent of digital technology and social media, it has become a lot more challenging in integrating media for your campaigns. Let’s start from the top. Your integrated advertising campaign will begin with advertising. This is where you look at all the media platforms and channels that need to be included in your campaign to collectively send the message. From there, you will involve other engines as the following:

Direct Marketing

This is one platform which was not very possible before digital media came into the picture. Your target audience will be connected to you and you have a very focused message. In your integrated advertising campaign, direct marketing will play a crucial role. You can either reinforce, inform or as follow-up.

Direct calling or Telemarketing

A lot has been said about telemerkating of late and it includes being an age-old activity. Like it or not, it could be among the most prominent direct marketing tools that can work in your favour. Think about using telemarketing for:

  1. Carrying out direct selling after generating leads
  2. Maintaining relationship with your customers
  3. informing your customers about new products
  4. contacting potential customers in case they miss your ads

Public Relations

Another misperceived tool for being old-fashioned just because it has been around for decades. No matter what you do and how you have been doing it, you will still need a robust public relations program to ensure your messages are communicated effectively and your public image is sustained. If you want to reinforce your public’s perception and if you have sponsors involved, PR must be a priority!

Sales and Promotions

There is no point in having a complete and holistic integrated advertising campaign without an aligned sales and promotions strategy. This is where all your marketing budget now must be translated into dollars and cents. You need to drive higher sales volume and your advertising messages can only do so much if your sales program do not speak the same language. Ensure that:

  1. You have enough stock to sell through your channels
  2. your sales employees have sufficient product knowledge (crucial for new products)
  3. sales any other related support throughout this program

Relationship Marketing

This could well be one of the major newcomers in this program. At the end of the day, you might want to put some focus in building relationships with your customers. It is very important that you do and you start from the leads generated through your integrated advertising campaign. What you aim to get out of this include:

  1. Create a larger customer base from your existing one
  2. Better control of your accounts (customers)
  3. push for customer loyalty (brand loyalty)

Putting it all together

You definitely cannot forget advertising in all this. You will make use of all your channels to raise awareness of your product or your brand and to find out what are the market’s sentiments about you. Through this program, you start to move along with the complementary activities. Remembering that none of these activities can exist on its own, you need to have a strong approach which speaks a similar language. Consistency is the key word here.