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Opportunities in the mobile advertising segment

The industry today is buzzing with new media and channels like mobile and digital advertising. Malaysia in particular has enjoyed growth in these areas in recent years where more and more advertisers and marketers have ventured into mobile advertising using SMS and other forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Malaysia coming up in mobile advertising

The Malaysian mobile scenario is one which is very exciting and fast-moving. With efforts like the National Broadband Initiative, more and more Malaysians are now connected to the internet while telecommunication companies like Maxis and Digi have continuously bring innovative products and services in order for more Malaysians to be connected via their respective mobile networks.

Why mobile advertising in Malaysia is emerging?

Below are reasons why your business should consider entering this segment.

  • Mobile players – Malaysia enjoys a lot of connectivity services where the market is dominated by 3 major players which are Maxis, Celcom and Digi. On top of that, there the smaller players like U Mobile and Tune Talk, all of which provide specific connectivity services for mobile users in certain groups of the country.Knowing where most of the subscribers are will allow marketers to identify which telco operator would be best partnered for their campaigns. In 2010, the market share among the major operators is 39.9% by Maxis, 34.8% by Celcom while 25.3% of the market is Digi subscribers.
  • Rising subscription of postpaid users – There has been an increase of postpaid subscribers in recent years in light of the decreasing cost of calls and the rising demand for internet based services. While there is a larger portion of prepaid users as compared to postpaid ones, the latter is growing faster than expected where convenience is an important factor in which the user only need to pay for a monthly fixed rate instead of having to reload their credits whenever needed.
  • Wireless broadband on the rise – Between 2009 and 2010, there has been a double increase of subscribers of wireless broadband services. This is widely attributed by the offering of more innovative products and services by the telco operators as well as the rising and fast-paced competition between them. In the first quarter of 2009, there were 469,500 wireless broadband subscribers. A quarter later, the number has risen to 631,200 subscribers. This number has since risen to 1,402,100 subscribers in the second quarter of 2010 which is only a year later.

Increasing demand among online consumers

Meanwhile, the demand for faster internet service has propelled the industry to a whole new platform. As there are now more internet users who have subscribed to faster broadband internet services like Unifi and such, they are more exposed to faster internet services which mean that richer content and faster download time can be enjoyed

This will in turn create new opportunities for advertisers to consider using the internet and placing ads which are richer in content like animation and videos. On top of that, telco operators are offering social media packages to encourage more connectivity and participation in the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

This in turn provides a new host of opportunities especially in terms of engaging social media for advertising and marketing where there are now more companies have already leveraged on the power of social media to assist in their campaigns for better effectiveness and impact.