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Rails and commuter trains are commonly referred to as city movers. In other words, they are supposed to be the system that keeps a city connected, moving thousands of people every hour from one place to another. In doing so, people can go to work, attend school, get home and pretty much get around. This is one of the reasons global top cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York are so advanced.

Limitless Advertising Options on Trains

Can you imagine a train or rail with no advertisement? All the trains and stations will be very plain and there will be nothing to look at. One of the main reasons why train advertising is so effective is because of visibility. In fact, it is one of the most effective media used for advertising especially when the brand owner intends to reach commuters.

Get maximum exposure outside the train

In Kuala Lumpur, KTM offers a lot of exposure for ads when it comes to the trains. In KTM Komuter, you can have your ad shown on the outside of the train through a body wrap. This is where your ad can either sponsor a single coach, the few coaches or some of your choice. What makes Train Body Wrapping effective is that you are the first advertisement that commuters will see when the train is moving across places while they will literally be staring at your ad when the train arrives in the station and at the platform before they get in.

Long-lasting impressions above the head

One option that you can really consider is to advertise on the Over Head Panels in KTM Komuter. This type of panels measure at 12’ wide by 2’ high and they are very visible. As the name implies, they are placed above the head inside the train. It is extremely effective if the commuter is standing while can be clearly seen from those seated as well. However, your intention is to reach customers who are not seated and more so among those who are about to leave the train. In most cases, the commuters are about 10 seconds away from leaving the train and your ad will have the most impact then.

Reach Frequent Travelers with Skypark Train

One option that you must con with advertising in trains is to be in the Skypark Train. This recently added services is available for those who are heading to the Subang International Airport from KL Sentral and vice versa. As an advertiser, you will know for a fact that the commuters in this train are those who are heading to the airport which means they are either flying somewhere which means that they fit certain profiles. In most cases, they are business executives or families going on a vacation.

Pillar Ads – See them everywhere

In most train stations, the pillar ads will be among the largest structures you will see. They are placed across the stations both within and outside which is very visible in every way. In fact, they are one of the most impactful media because they are large and very easy to see. Depending on the location of the pillar, commuters can see the entire ad which span from the ceiling to the ground. On top of that, you can enjoy 4 sides as well. The pillar ad spaces available in KTM Komuter are in stations like Gemas, Bukti Mertajam, Nilai and Serdang, which is one of the highest traffic stations.

Advertise over the heads of Skypark Link commuters

Like the overhead panels you find in other trains, you can advertise in the Skypark Link trains as well. measuring at 12’ wide and 2’ high, you can capture the attention of the commuters who are travelling on the train between the city and the Subang International Airport. What makes this media such an attractive option is that you have a long duration of attention from your audience which averages at about 10 to 15 minutes every ride. Ads that are placed here can include not only pictures but text as well because the viewer has time to read them.

Twin Light Boxes in Train Station Platforms

This is an interesting media which you will find enacted at some major stations like Tanjung Malim, Batang Kali, Bukit Mertajam and Arau. As the name implies, they come in pairs and you can easily spot them at the platform of the stations. The size of the light box is 6’ wide and 5’ high. Since they are in pairs, they are quite unique in size and shape which makes it quite attractive and captivating for your target audience. The average viewing time for this media is about 2-3 minutes every time.

Join the Digital revolution of out-of-home advertising in KTM Komuter

One of the most interesting thing about out-of-home advertising is that you can place your ads on digital output media. This is in stark contrast to the more conventional billboards and static posters. Digital boards allow you to enjoy rotation and richer content which is a lot more captivating, often ensuring more ad views in every way. In KTM Komuter, you can opt for any of the following choices.

  1. Komuter LCD Screen – the duration is 30 second spots which you can rotate throughout the day. It runs though 2 major routes which are the Batu Caves – Tampin and Pelabuhan Klang – Tanjung Malim routes respectively
  2. ETS LCD Screen – This is the fast, electricity train which is very popular in recent years. Spots are at 30 second rotation which runs through the Gemas – Kuala Lumpur – Ipoh – Padang Besar route.

What makes the LCD screen ads effective is that your ads are seen throughout the journey and this usually run for a few hours. A trip from Ipoh to KL Sentral in the ETS takes about 2.5 hours. Imagine the potential of having your ad seen multiple time by the commuters during this time.

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