Stesen Sentral Monorail Station  Domination


No extra charge for design. Agency Commissions are paid by media owners. Rest assured that our clients will get the BEST RATE here!
Because of our bulk purchase from all media owners, we can provide lower prices.

Subject to 6% SST on rental, production & lighting

An integrated railway transportation hub with Semasa Sentral :

Strategically located at key entry point to heart of KL city centre – Jalan Hang Tuah

Stesen Sentral Surrounding Landmarks:

Bridge linking to NuSentral Shopping Mall, and the closest Monorail station from Bangsar.

Stesen Sentral Monorail Station Strategy and proximity :

Very high traffic area. Targeting a mass crowd mainly the shoppers, working professionals and domestic tourists that transit to KL city centre via Monorail

Site Name: Stesen Sentral Monorail Station Domination
Size: Various
Site no. : SDSS001
Media Rental (RM)


Lighting (RM) 22,500
Production (RM) 134,000
GST 27,390
Total (RM)


Format Type Station Domination
Qty 1
Duration 6 months
Traffic Count External (vehicles) – 1.4 million monthlyInternal (commuters) – 370,000 monthly


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