Monorail Train Sponsorship


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This would be the best platform for you to target commuters and mobile users using public transportation.

Cover one train and high traffic areas in KL

The most common profile of consumers would be students and working adults around the 15 to 35 years of age. The KL Monorail circles around the heart of Kuala Lumpur which is made up of 11 stations. When you do this, your ad will be seen across the entire body of the train.

The train sponsorship is the medium of choice to target motorists and commuters throughout the city. With a large surface body area, advertisers have a bigger display. Inside, lighted overhead panels and other display panels target the captive audience of commuters.

Fast facts about monorails trains:

  1. Total trains :7 (2 coach) + 3 (4 coach) trains
  2. Operating hours :6 a.m. – 12 a.m
  3. Average on route time :10 – 15 minutes
  4. Max train speed :80 km per hour
  5. Average train speed :30km per hour
  6. Peak hour frequency :4 – 5 minutes
  7. Non-peak frequency :7 – 10 minutes
  8. Train capacity :268 passengers per train (2 coach) & 430 passengers per train (4 coach)

Advertising in transportation modes like Putra LRT is very effective if you are targeting urban consumers and the young adult market. This is because your ads will be travelling to extremely high traffic areas and locations around the Klang Valley where the Putra LRT Kelana Jaya line covers a large area in Petaling Jaya and Bangsar.

Station Branding and Sponsorship

If you want to be loud to impose a strong message across your target audience, you can go for station branding like Titiwangsa, Sentral and Hang Tuah Station. This is a costlier option which will involve a full range of different areas of the station that can give your brand a strong image and awareness among your audience.

Media includes:

Concourse: Horse Shoe Wrap and Turnstile Wrap – Highly effective as every commuter will see your ad.

Platform: Escalator Graphics, Stairs Graphics, Stickers on Sliding Door and on platform doors.

Your ad will cover an entire train which will include both the external and internal parts of the train. This is highly impactful as your ads can be seen by people outside as well as by the commuters.

In-Train Overhead Panels

A majority of commuters taking the Putra LRT are known to spend most of their time standing while a lot prefer to do so because of the short trips between stations. As such, your ads on the In-Train overhead panels can be clearly seen.

In-Train Side Panels

These are ads that are placed on the side of the train’s interior usually beside the door and between coaches. Very captivating for commuters who are standing as they spend an average of 14 to 17 minutes in every ride.

Hand Grips

A highly unique OOH media available only in trains. As mentioned, commuters on the Kelana Jaya line are more prone to standing and holding to the Hand Grips. Your ad can be seen each time they take the train.

Window Displays

Your ads can be attached to the window of the train which can be seen from both inside and outside the vehicle. This media can be very effective as it is exposed throughout the journey of the commuter.

Ambient Arch

This is a highly effective media if you have an integrated marketing campaign which you can incorporate with other related media in the train and stations. The Ambient Arch available is 8ft high.

Ambient Display

If you have a specific campaign or promotion that use a certain ambient, you can use this media where you can customise your message accordingly.

Bench Graphics

You can customise your ads to be attached to the benches which is very impactful as they appeal very much to the commuters, particularly young adults and college students. This is because, commuters spend an average of 5 minutes waiting for the trains at every station.

Vertical Lightboxes

Placed at the stations, you can advertise on the vertical lightboxes available.

Measurement: 5ft x 3ft or 6ft x 4ft

Talking Lightbox

This refers to the lightbox advertisement which comes with audio. Basically, your ad has visuals as per the usual ads but the voice within the box will attract more attention thereby drawing more impressions for your ad.

Measurement: 5ft x 3ft


Bulkheads are located at prominent locations within the train and are usually placed at perfect eye-levels which means that your ads will be highly visible and effective as commuters will be able to see it throughout the duration of their trip.

Adtracks and Track Graphics

Measuring at 5ft x 10ft, this media can be very effective especially if you are targeting commuters who are waiting at the station for their trains to arrive. Basically, it can be seen if the train has yet to arrive which is an average of 5 to 8 minutes every stop.

Standard Measurements: 5ft x 10ft

Like Adtracks, this media is very useful if you are targeting consumers at the train station.

Standard Measurements: 4ft x 10ft

Format Qty Size Duration(months) Media Rental(RM) *Production(RM) Lighting(RM) 6% GST(RM) TOTAL(RM)
KL Monorail* Exterior* ITOP (24 units)* Handgrips (72 units) 1 train Various 6 mths

 Enquire within for rates

N/a 20,076

Enquire within for rates

75,000 (FOC) 35,000 N/a 2,100 37,100

OPTIONAL – FULL INTERIOR Interior Doorsx16, Window Sticker x16, Bench Side x14, Priority Seats x 8, Driver Glass Panel x2 , Interior Wall Panels x 12* Additional rental and production cost shall apply for window sticker* Handgrips – max. 6 design

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