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The Malaysian Insider is one of the latest online newspapers in the country. It is update as and when the event happens and was founded in 2008.Known in short as TMI, it is published in 2 languages, English Language and Bahasa Malaysia.

It contains mainly news from the local front where it focuses on the political scene while other news are also covered.

Apart from that, TMI also covers international news, business, sports, technology and entertainment as well.TMI was set up by Png Hong Kwang and Sreedhar Subramanian who is a journalist and a former COO of NTV7 respectively. According to the company, they report “unvarnished take on events and personalities in Malaysia” where in doing so have been accuse for being biased to a certain extend.Apart from its standard columns and sections as it is an online newspaper, it offers interactions where readers are free to comment and give their opinions about the news they read in TMI.No confirmed source of where the funding of this online newspaper come from although it has been linked to several prominent leaders including those who are with the ruling government. Among some of the controversies it got involved in include being barred for the Umno General Assembly in 2009 for being biased in reported.

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