Marketing Guide

Revamp your marketing scheme

Marketing through email has been around for quite some time. In fact, it is the most widely used online marketing tool. What makes it so popular among marketers? This is mostly perhaps due to its speed of delivery and the fact that it is relatively low-cost as compared to other media.

Mobile platform overcame desktop platform in search volume

The trend of using email marketing however has changed today whereby marketers try to use other tactics that involve mobile platform, search, video and Web 2.0. Marketers often bring in new ideas to attract new subscribers. Fresh look and fresh idea equivalent to a successful online marketing campaign.

Since the technology is advancing, most marketers agree that the best way to generate traffic for their web site is to incorporate mobile platform, search, video and Web 2.0 feature as part of the campaign.

Is email still relevant?

What is in store for email in the future? Undeniably, nowadays, it is harder to use email effectively to direct at specific target audience. Campaign has to now move on to using multichannel integration that includes search, email, cookies and the ability to disseminate messages to subscribers based on search terms provided.

A successful campaign incorporates all these elements whereby when a new subscriber search for something to make a purchase, they revert back to use email to settle the deal.

Email Marketing is still effective

Email marketing is useful when you must solve a problem and require solution from specific company. Bear in mind that when you provide your email address to a company, it shows that you are a high prospect purchaser. Thus, companies will then target their strategies at high prospect purchaser.
This simply means that as a retailer or seller, you have a lot of signals from your visitors which could potentially close a sale. Here are some pointers:

  • In addition to incorporating new ideas into the campaign, marketers should introduce a link in all outbound messages whereby it gives the subscribers another option to read the messages using handheld devices. This is more crucial today since almost everyone has a smartphone. The link should be able to direct them through their browsers whether it is on Android or Apple.

Before you begin with a marketing campaign, you must prepare a list of targeted audience. When compiling a list for the campaign, consider these;

  1. goal of your campaign
  2. value of recipient and
  3. recipients’ purchase histories

You can then proceed to brainstorm for a suitable strategy according to the list.

Learn from other good email marketing campaigns

Learn from others by observing their email marketing sent to subscribers. You may get new ideas to create a better campaign. Look out for your competitors’ campaigns. Those with brilliantly written piece of email can motivate you to perform better. As emails are quite common, sign up for their newsletters and messages and see which one catches your attention.

Learn from the best

In the pointer above, learning from the best marketing companies would help you very much. After all, you are not copying their styles but merely emulating how they target their customers.
One cost-effective transactional email example is from Apple iTunes. In their emails, they have also included recommendations that turn a cost center into a profit center. This is one way which has been pulling a lot of customers to their store.

Besides Apple, other companies worth checking out include Expedia, Target, Barnes and Noble, Backcountry as well as boutique hotel chains such as Kimpton and W Hotel, all of which have already enjoyed tremendous success in email marketing.