Social networks have become a de facto standard among internet users today. In fact, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and many others have become an integral part of life today that they have become a need for businesses while people from all walks of life depend on these technologies to stay connected with one another and to keep abreast of what is happening around them.

Businesses and brands have used Facebook and YouTube to gain better advantage over their competitors so much that some theories are claiming that Facebook could determine the failure and success of a particular brand.

Social Media is affecting majority businesses

The popularity of social networks is growing at an uncontrollable rate with Facebook reportedly having almost 1 billion accounts. In this context, it becomes extremely important that businesses are linked through social networks which they could then leverage on the user base which could count up to millions while being available not only within the country but throughout the world too.

As an expert in the area of internet development and marketing, has the expertise and experience to help our customers leverage on the power of social media. Whether it is for branding or to run promotions or to launch a marketing campaign, is able to help our partners reach out to their potential customers in every possible way through social media.

We assist you from conceptualisation to executions and maintenance

We will be able to help you in advising the best campaign moving forward, conceptualisation of the model and strategy as well as propose affordable and economical methods to advertise. works very closely with media owners where we will be able to assist you in finding and determining the best spaces for your advertisements and the most suitable ways to place them so that they will be expose to the best and most accurate target group at the most appropriate places.

As the digital advertising industry grew by leaps and bounds, so has where we rode along this wave to become a leader in this industry. Over the years, we have employed some of the best experts and animators in the industry to design and create cutting edge and award winning animation videos for our clients.

Today, our portfolio includes short films, documentaries and 3D (3-Dimensional) walkthroughs of spaces and online videos where we have worked with major media corporations like Media Prima Berhad, who operates the largest television and radio stations in Malaysia.

Facebook Marketing in Malaysia

Marketing using the likes of Facebook is one of our main services where we have collaborated with major corporations around the country in deriving the most impactful and effective campaigns using this media. Today, Facebook is by any means the biggest thing that has happened to the world of marketing in recent years. It has almost 1 billion accounts which mean that Facebook possesses one of the most attractive options for marketing.

With billions spent on advertising in Facebook each year, this is an option that any business should consider in your marketing campaigns and strategies. As we have been collaborating with our partners in online advertising for more than a decade, we are more than ready and equipped to help you better leverage on this social media.

You must be aware that Facebook marketing on the outside looks very simple but is a highly sophisticated process as it involves using the right messages and speaking out to the right target group in the most appropriate time.

We help you to further expand your reach by capitalizing on all the elements and options available through Facebook. On top of that, we will help you to engage them more effectively to ensure that your campaign is not a one-sided effort.

Twitter Marketing is as important as Facebook Marketing

Another facet of social media marketing is through the use of micro-blogsite Twitter. While Facebook allows all types of interaction and engagement between its members, Twitter is a more focused and another effective option which must be considered in order to fully utilize the power of the internet in your marketing campaigns.

Our past records speak for itself where there has been many collaboration between and major corporations from the public and private sectors and several types of businesses. As an expert in the area of online advertising, we have incorporated marketing in social media and more specifically in Twitter in many of our clients’ campaigns.

Our team of social media experts and professionals have worked with our clients in conceptualizing and deriving the most effective programmes to ride on the Twitter wave. From there, we ensure that only the best and highly impactful strategy is conceived where we have created a buzz to ensure a strong following for our clients.

One of our most successful campaigns in Twitter is those that involve new product launches, rebranding of products and such. On top of that, you will find that repositioning and enhancing of corporate image are also very appropriate efforts that can use this mircoblogging service.

Google+ Marketing Strategy

It has been said time and time again and a very much known fact that Google is the ‘advertising king’. While Facebook is the leader in social media, Google’s own social media service, Google+ is one of the fastest growing sites around which have already garnered more than 400 million accounts since it was launched.

Where this is concerned, it was a natural progression for to expand our services into using Google+ to help our clients to better manipulated the extend of the internet in their campaigns apart from the usual and more conventional services.

As we have worked and collaborated with all types of search engine and online advertising media, we fully understand the methods and strengths of these services. Hence, when Google expanded its Google+ service to its members, we were at the frontline of offering more of such services for our customers. The past few years have been an exciting time for advertisers especially for those who want to leverage on the power of this new media.

Marketing on Google+ is one of our flagship offerings in which we are one of the pioneers who have worked with advertisers in better reaching their customers through engaging and very impactful social media marketing.

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