Top 5 Social Media Websites To Focus On

Your Best Bet Among Social Media Platforms
Social media is the forefront of advertising today. If you’re not on social media, you’re losing valuable consumers and jeopardizing your relevancy. There’s no doubt that the birth of social media platforms made custom targeting of potential customers a whole lot easier. So, what are the social media platforms should you be focusing on?
#1 Facebook
Facebook, founded in 2004, sits at the top of the list with its 1.79 billion total number of monthly active users. Statistics show that the average time spent on Facebook per visit is 20 minutes which totals up to an average monthly time of 600 hours. As of January 2017, more than 40 million small businesses have active Facebook pages.
The Leader of the Pack
You could throw a stone and we bet you that it’ll hit someone with a Facebook account. Everyone has Facebook today and this site has the biggest mixture of demographics of all social platforms. Facebook not only provides a great medium to connect with potential customers, it also offers the easiest and best method for potential targeting.
#2 YouTube
The popular video-sharing platform holds an approximate 1 billion total monthly active users. Users watch an average amount of 1 billion hours of video per day and typically, a user spends about 40 minutes per visit. YouTube’s advertising is also reported to be extremely cost-effective for businesses.
Google Always Knows Best
If you didn’t already know, Google owns YouTube so it’s not such a big surprise why it is the second largest search engine. With proper SEO implementations and a great, appealing video concept, YouTube is a goldmine for your business’ growth. Videos from this site could also be shared via various other platforms for increased visibility.
#3 Instagram
Although it hasn’t been in the game for long, Instagram ranks third as it has an average of 700 million monthly active users. Meanwhile, per day, this platform has an approximate 400 million users who all contribute to the average 4.2 billion ‘Likes’ daily. Instagram’s user base currently makes up of about 50 percent of brands.
Photo-Share Your Way into Customer’s Hearts
Instagram may be a photo-sharing platform but it holds great potential in enhancing your business with its billions of users daily. Many successful corporations use this platform to share photos of events, products or shows and interact with potential customers by offering some gifts or incentives when they post pictures with the particular hashtags.
#4 Twitter
Twitter comes in fourth with its 317 million total number of monthly active users and its impressive average of 500 million tweets per day. That’s not all – this site garners easily about 100 million active users daily. This year, the total ad engagement for this site were up 91 percent year-over-year.
Tweet For Popularity
One of Twitter’s best feature is the fact that if your post is shared or ‘retweet-ed’ enough times, it has the potential of going viral thus increasing the coverage of your brand or your business. Pay attention to your hashtags as these play a crucial role in building traffic for your posts – try using trending and relevant tags.
#5 LinkedIn
LinkedIn may not be as hyped up as the other social media platforms mentioned above, but it’s still a useful tool for your business as it garners about 106 million monthly active users. This site gains at least two new members per second and makes up of 40 million students and recent graduates.
Your Fishing Rod in the Sea Of Professionals
LinkedIn makes it easier than ever to connect with business professionals in any sort of industry as this site permits you to custom target by industry, job position and other relevant details. This site offers a great feature, especially for businesses, called LinkedIn Groups which gives a great platform for businesses to connect among target niches.
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