Wifi Advertising Industry

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Advertising in Wi-Fi can be very effective because this internet service access has become a de facto standard in the market. Every eatery and cafe in major towns and cities today are offering Wi-Fi internet access at low or even no cost at all. This is to induce more customers to dine at their outlets which mean that ads can be seen throughout the duration of their patronage.

Wifi Advertising Target Audience

Advertisers in Wi-Fi networks can be guaranteed of reaching the group of tech-savyy customers. This would mostly be in cafes and F&B outlets mainly in large cities and towns.

Most young adults between 18 to 25 years old who are undergraduates in instates of higher learning today either own a laptop or a tablet while almost every young person has a smartphone that require Wi-Fi internet access. As such, they make up the majority of target audience while working adults who visit cafes and eateries are suitable target audience as well.

Types of Media and Costing

The main media used in Wi-Fi advertising is in the first view page when the user logs on to the network. This option is available through Wifi at Cafes like Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans, Starbucks, Papa Rich, KFC, Pizza Hut and Secret Recipe where it will cost RM0.80 per view. Meanwhile, a video ad designed for the mobile version will cost RM0.20 per view.

Wifi Technology and Market Penetration

WiFi is the acronym for Wireless Fidelity. It is an important internet service which has taken the world by storm today. WiFi or Wi-Fi as it is often referred to usually refer to an area or certain vicinity where internet services can be provided wirelessly. In order to receive the internet service, the consumer would need to have a ready mobile device that can work along.

In today’s market, most if not all notebook computers are designed to be Wi-Fi enabled while most smartphones are already designed as such. This means that the mobile devices will be ‘internet-enabled’ once they are in the vicinity of the Wi-Fi service.

In advertising, wireless marketing has become a very popular method with Wi-Fi becoming an industry standard. Wi-Fi services are now available in hotels, cafes, entertainment outlets, shopping malls, universities and public spaces where mobile device consumers depend on every time.

Cross-promote to your current customers with Wifi platform advertising

This means that there are limitless opportunities when it comes to Wi-Fi advertising. In most cases, Wi-Fi advertising involves offering advertising opportunities through the Wi-Fi service provider. This could come from the principal provider or the secondary party.

The former refers to the company which provides the actual Wi-Fi service platform. In Malaysia, such companies include the major telco companies like Maxis and YES.

Meanwhile, the latter refers to the company which rides on the Wifi service like the hotel. As consumers would need to connect to the service, advertisements along this service can be viewed by anyone the instant they get connected and for the duration of the active connection.


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