Hotel WiFi solutions

The hospitality and hotel industries have changed tremendously since the advent of the internet. With wireless internet services, this has created more waves than any other industry in recent years especially with travellers wanting to stay connected wherever they go and to tell others about their experience in social media and other communication channels. With our Free Wifi solutions, you can now offer better services in a more efficient platform which will change the way businesses are run in this sector.

Wifi has become a crucial service not only for the customers and guests in the hospitality industry but for businesses as well. By offering free Wifi, you will attract a majority of the target market of this industry while providing better and faster services in every area. What you get includes:

Better and more efficient connections

Our Free Wifi services are designed to offer seamless and uninterrupted internet access which in turn gives property owners a worry-free platform for your guests. Offering high-speed connections without any cabling involved, your customers can now enjoy internet service via their own mobile devices in their rooms, in the dining areas, the facilities and all around the premises.

Promotions on-the-go

As long as the guests are connected via our network, they are exposed to all types of advertising and promotions which can be streamed and channelled as and when required. To minimize intrusion, guests can now view the ads on the splash screen when they log in and will be able to use the services provided on the portal. This includes quick and rewarding games, discount vouchers, surveys, ads and just about anything to increase better engagement and interaction between the property owner and its customers.

Loyalty programmes

Use our proprietary loyalty programme platforms to offer better customer service for your guests. Your clients can customize these loyalty programmes in terms of point system or through frequency of visits. By offering future promotions, discounts on next visits or any other methods, they can be guaranteed of repeat purchases in the future.

Location-based Services

Hotel guests can now be kept abreast of events, promotions and discounts of the hotel as and when they are on their mobile device. Operators can customize the mobile app to suit their promotional activities that allow their guests to extend their stay, make reservations for dining, arrange tour and traveling arrangement or even request for room service at the comfort and convenience of their fingertips and be served almost instantly based on their current location.