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Using digital screens for advertising is fast becoming a highly effective and impactful method for advertising. This is because digital billboards today use LED technology which is more cost effective, low electricity consumption and are more durable than any other types of display screens. Furthermore, LED screens can attract more audiences as they can play videos, audio and animation which are clear benefits as compared to conventional, static billboards.

LED Display Digital Advertising screens on Major Roads in Malaysia

Digital display screens are by far the most effective media spaces that can be used for advertising. LED Digital screens are usually placed on major roads which have high traffic flow. Besides that, they are now being used in high traffic locations like buildings and commercial areas.

Brightly-lit and illuminated screens

This makes the media highly visible and when they are played, they can capture a large group of target audience. In most cases, these digital screens are elevated high above the ground level to cover a larger viewing radius which can then reach audiences in vehicles and on foot. Most of these screens are used in urban cities and towns where they are installed at commercial regions and places with lots of office buildings.

Rate: Usually calculated based on spots of 15, 20 to 30 seconds. Ranges between RM10,000 and RM35,000 per spot per month. The rate for advertising in this media is usually costlier when you choose screens that are enacted at popular roads like Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Tun Razak.

LED Screens on Trucks

Using LED screens for advertising will be extremely effective if your ads are seen by your specific target audience. Like any other out-of-home media, there are risks involved as to whether your ads are reaching the correct market segment. As such, you can use LED screens that are installed on the back of trucks to ‘travel’ into areas where your target market is.

LED trucks are one of the most popular types of digital advertising today because you can now control where your ads go and apply the push instead of pull strategy. LED trucks will travel specifically into locations of the highest traffic and audience and then be stationery at one location for a certain duration. What makes LED trucks so attractive as an OOH media is that unlike public transportation, you can control and decide where your ads will go. In most cases, you will want to direct the trucks to high traffic location with very good visibility during peak hours.

Rate: For a 20 second slot, your ad will be played from 6 am to 9 pm throughout the operational hours, sharing with about 10 other clients. This will range about RM28,000 per month for every truck.

LED Screens for Events

If you are planning a marketing campaign and require digital screens to be installed at the roadshow for a certain duration, you can use this media which will raise the profile of your campaign by integrating the screens as part of the backdrop and for other advertising purposes. Basically, you rent the truck for a certain period of time that can be customized to play information of your event. Similarly to using LED-installed trucks, as the advertiser, you can control and decide where the trucks could go.

Rate: Starts from RM8,000 per day, around RM35,000 to RM55,000 for a week and about RM90,000 for a month.

LED Screens at Airports

Airports are highly prominent places for advertising if you are planning to reach the mobile and travelling market segment. For instance, there are more than 100 screens located and available for advertising at the KLIA Departure Hall while about 25 screens at the Arrival premises. You can place your ads there which will captivate a large group of audience who are made up of travellers and their respective company which can be friends, families and colleagues.

Rate: Calculated based on network, media spaces here start from RM28,000 and can be as high as RM50,000 for a 30-second spot each month.

LED Screens at Transport Terminals

The Klang Valley has one of the most technologically advanced and state-of-the-art transport terminals like the Terminal Bas Bersepadu in Bandar Tasik Selatan and KL Sentral located in the heart of the city.It is calculated that people who are at the terminals usually spend an average of 20 to 25 minutes per trip depending on which transport mode they use. KL Sentral has one of the highest traffic of people who use the facilities there. As such, advertising in such locations will give your ad extremely high impressions on a daily basis.

Rate: Starts from RM25,000 per screen calculated monthly.

Customized LED Screens

If required, customized LED screens can be specifically installed in the building structure of your premises. This type of screens can be used to reflect your brand or product through a specially designed structure and then used to play your ads and messages throughout the day.

Rate: Depends on the size and location where the screen will be installed. Usually starts from RM80,000 for a small screen outside of a building without requiring experts for installation. Other costs include structure, architect drawing and permit from local council.

Indoor or outdoor Digital LED screens in prominent buildings

There are endless possibilities when it comes to putting up your ads on LED screens on buildings. Generally, you can have your ads seen on locations like:

    1. Lobby of the building – where visitors will see your ad the moment they enter or leave the building

Walls – this can be inside or outside the building. Generally, LED screens that are used on walls are large and bright so that they captivate the attention of the people around the vicinity.

  • Prime locations – One of the most popular spots you will notice is on the wall between two lifts directly above the buttons. Besides that, it depends largely on the structure of the building.
  • High visibility locations – This is where you will find LED screens mounted on the outside of the building which faces a certain highway or crossroad. These screens are specifically mounted there because there are many vehicles and pedestrians

Among the locations where you can find LED screens include:

  1. Damansara Intan
  2. Plaza Mont Kiara
  3. Jaya One – inside the building as well as facing the outside main road
  4. Wisma MCA – inside the building and one facing Jalan Ampang
  5. Menara Trend in Klang
  6. Menara ING in Klang
  7. Menara KH JMB formerly known as Menara Promet at the lifts and around the building
  8. Wisma Hamzah Kwong Hing in Leboh Ampang
  9. Kelana Center Point
  10. Kelana Business Centre
  11. Glomac 3
  12. Plaza Ampang City
  13. Menara PGRM
  14. Sri Cempaka Service Suites
  15. Mutiara Bangsar within the building
  16. Menara Mutiara Majestic along Jalan Othman, Section 3 PJ
  17. Kompleks Mutiara Office in Jalan Ipoh
  18. Kompleks Mutiara Service Apartments
  19. Menara IGB
  20. IGB Annexe
  21. Centrepoint North and South
  22. The Bouleverd Hotel – along the lifts and lobby
  23. Gardens South and North Towers
  24. Leisure Commerce Square along the walls of the lifts
  25. Wisma Bumi Raya in Jalan Raja Laut
  26. AmAssurance Headquarters in Jalan Lumut
  27. Plaza Sungai Mas in Jalan Ipoh
  28. The Weld in Jalan Raja Chulan
  29. Taylor’s College Campus in Subang Jaya
  30. Taylor’s College Business Suite
  31. Wisma OSK Headquarters in Jalan Ampang
  32. Wisma OSK Sri Petaling
  33. Wisma OSK Kepong
  34. Wisma OSK Ipoh in Greentown, Ipoh
  35. Wisma OSK Melaka in Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka
  36. Wisma OSK Johor in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
  37. Wisma OSK Kuantan in Pahang
  38. Wisma OSK Penang
  39. OSK – USJ Taipan in Subang Jaya
  40. OSK – Kota Damansara
  41. OSK – Farlim Penang
  42. USJ One Avenue Condominium
  43. Wisma Denmark along Jalan Ampang
  44. New York Hotel, Johor Bahru around the building and lobby
  45. Menara Genesis along Jalan Sultan Ismail
  46. Menara MPL in Jalan Raja Chulan
  47. Amcorp Business Suites
  48. Amcorp Tower
  49. PJ Tower around the lobby and lift areas
  50. Kompleks Antarabangsa along Jalan Sultan Ismail
  51. Menara Axis in Petaling Jaya
  52. Crystal Plaza in Petaling Jaya
  53. Axis Plaza
  54. Axis Business Park
  55. Axis Kemajuan
  56. Wisma Academy
  57. Bangunan Takaful Malaysia along Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
  58. Bangunan Takaful Treasury Centre in Putrajaya
  59. Bangunan Takaful Putrajaya
  60. Bangunan Takaful Petaling Jaya
  61. Takaful Shah Alam along Jalan Rugbi
  62. Menara Standard Chartered in Jalan Sultan Ismail
  63. Prima 16 Condominium
  64. CP Tower along the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong
  65. Wisma Cosplant in Subang Jaya
  66. Menara PJD in Jalan Tun Razak
  67. Impian Meridian
  68. Maju Tower in Jalan Sultan Ismail
  69. Wisma Lim Foo Yong, around the walls and lift areas
  70. Wisma Zelan in Bandar Tun Razak
  71. Abadi Indah Apartments
  72. University Tower along Jalan University
  73. Wisma Good Year in Kelang Jaya
  74. Prescott Hotel Kajang
  75. Prescott Hotel in Klang
  76. Prescott Inn in Medan Tuanku along the lobby and the lifts.


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