Advertising in Pharmacies


Pharmacies today are very similar to that of convenience stores where they sell all types of products including toiletries and certain types of groceries. However, pharmacies are more specialized where they include over-the-shelf medication which is very sought-after by consumers today.

As such, for advertisers and brand owners, there are several very impactful media spots that can be used to convey your messages to your target market who ranges between the ages of 19 to 45 and are usually the health-conscious.

There are in general 2 types of pharmacies. The first are those that belong to a large group like Guardian and Watson’s while the other group refers to the standalone ventures. Among the media spots that are available at most pharmacies include:

At pharmacies, you can place your ads through banners which are located both inside and outside of the premises.

The most common banners that you will see are those that are mounted onto the external walls but this is usually available only at certain pharmacies. In most cases, external banners are large posters that can be seen by people and passer-bys. This media is ideal for on-going in-store promotions to attract customers into the outlet.

Rate: Around RM200 per month

In-Store Banners

Besides external banners, you can always place your ads inside the stores for better exposure of your products. Such banners are usually smaller and comes in specific sizes according to the dimensions of the store. In most cases, banners are placed around the location where the specific product is situated.

Rate: Ranges from RM100 to RM150 per month for a pair.

Glass Ads

Pharmacies like Watson’s usually do not have a glass door and this media is more likely to be applicable at standalone pharmacies where you will see a glass door before entering the outlet. As such, you can place your ads here to attract the customers in buying your products. This media is highly effective because they are the first spot a walk-in customer will see upon entering the store.

Rate: Usually between RM250 and RM400 per month

Basket Ads

You can book the media spots on the baskets at certain pharmacies. Not all pharmacies provide this media for advertising as some would prefer to use them for their own in-store promotions. It must be noted that basket ads are not as effective when compared with hypermarkets because not every customer at the pharmacy will use the basket.

Rate: Starts from RM5 per unit per month. Usually comes in batches depending on the size of the outlet and total number of baskets available.

Cashier Ads

The cashier counter provides the most effective spot for advertising as it is where every paying customer will spend an average of 3 to 6 minutes before they pay for their purchases.

As such, your ads here would be extremely impactful especially if you are planning to target the last-minute shoppers or any final minute promotions like purchase-with-purchase and others.

Rate: Around RM200 per month


You can use wobblers to be placed at the shelves where your products are located. This is very effective if you have special promotions like free gifts and other short-term initiatives.

Rate: Ranges from RM20 to RM35 each monthly.


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