Advertising on English and BM Newspapers


Advertising on newspaper in Malaysia is one of the most active and popular methods among marketers and brand owners. This is despite the fact that there is a declining trend of reading newspapers as opposed to online news portals. It has been a common practice to place ads on newspapers in the country for decades now and this continues to be the case although there are new media available.

Newspapers in Malaysia
Generally, Malaysia has 2 types of newspapers, namely broadsheet and tabloid. This basically refers to the size of the paper where the former is larger and the latter is smaller, hence it is easier to read and hold.

The general sentiment is that tabloid newspapers are easier to bring around which is why they are more preferred by the younger group while tabloid ones are more ‘corporate’ so-called. As Malaysians converse mainly in 4 languages which are English Language, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Chinese, newspapers where there are regional and federal versions.


English Language newspapers are among the most popular publications in Malaysia. Basically, there are the generic newspapers and business newspapers which are divided between regions as well as East and West Malaysia.

New Straits Times
Owned and operated by New Straits Times Press Bhd, this paper has slightly more than 100,000 in terms of circulation daily. It is the oldest newspaper in Malaysia and has a broad range of segments in different regions. Originally available in broadsheet format, it has since been converted into a tabloid-style newspaper.

Rate: If you buy several insertions, the rate is cheaper and this is calculated based on Ringgit per column CM. rates start from RM29 per column CM and goes up to RM60 during peak days.

The Malay Mail
This tabloid style newspaper has been around for longer where it has underwent several rebranding and repackaging. Today, The Malay Mail has a new look and lesser pages with a new direction.

Rate: Rates will be lower if you buy several insertions. There are many segments in The Malay Mail with rates starting from RM1,500 for a ROP 10cm x 8 columns and goes up to RM10,000 during peak periods.

The Star
The Star is probably the most circulated English daily in Malaysia. With a total of almost 300,000 per day, this tabloid newspaper is the preferred paid English newspaper which is available in different regions.

Rate: Advertising in The Star is perhaps one of the most preferred media in newspapers. Basic rates start from RM65 to RM80 and differs between different days (Wednesdays to Saturdays and Sundays to Tuesday) which is cheaper if bought in multiple insertions.

The Sun
This is a free English newspaper which is available in the Klang Valley on weekdays. The Sun relies mainly on advertising as their revenue. It has the highest circulation at almost 400,000 daily in the English language daily segment.

Rate: Rates for a standard ad is RM50 per column cm. If you buy multiple insertions, it can be as low as RM35 if you buy up to 52 insertions.

Borneo Post
This English language daily is available in East Malaysia and circulated in Sabah and Sarawak.

Rate: Media spots in Borneo Post are divided between national, Sarawak and Sabah editions respectively. For a single column/cm, it can be as low as RM6 and goes up to RM30 with loading (%) charged for special requests.

New Sarawak Tribune
The New Sarawak Tribune is a Sarawak-based English Language newspaper. It is a broadsheet newspaper and is one of the oldest publications in the state.

Rate: Ranges from RM10 to RM15 depending on the spot.


Targeting Bahasa Malaysia readers, a large segment of this market is in rural and sub-urban areas while the tabloid format papers are more popular in urban areas like the Klang Valley and major towns across the country.

Utusan Malaysia
Utusan Malaysia is owned by political party Umno and has one of the highest readership among the BM audience. It is a broadsheet paper which is often criticized by opposition political parties.

Rate: Starts from RM13 in the southern and eastern region and goes up to RM43 for the national edition.

Berita Harian
Operated and owned by New Straits Times Press Bhd, Berita Harian has about 20,000 circulation daily. Similarly to the New Straits Times, it has changed from a broadsheet paper to a tabloid version.

Rate: Ranges between RM25 and RM60 measured in column/cm

Harian Metro
This tabloid BM daily has more than 100,000 in circulation daily. It has a wide readership base of young readers mostly congregated around the urban areas.

Rate: Rates start from RM40 and goes up to RM80 depending on the day

With almost 90,000 in circulation daily, it is among the preferred tabloid BM papers. Kosmo is a very effective media if used to target urban readers.

Rate: RM40 for a column/cm and cheaper if multiple insertions are applied.


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