Automotive Magazines & Websites – Setting Malaysia in the Global Automotive industry


Automotive magazines in Malaysia come from both the foreign and local markets. There are international titles as well as some that are fully locally catered for the Malaysian market.

Local car brands specially made for the global market

The Malaysian automotive industry has been in the limelight for many decades now. From the first Malaysian car to the moving economies that have ensured foreign cars into the country, this sector has changed the transportation in the country tremendously. Over the last few years, a lot more changes have arisen due to the changing policies set by the federal government. Because of this, readers are now a lot more equipped and curious about the latest developments in this market.

All-rounded titles in cars and vehicles

From car sales to modifications and new car models, you can be sure to find a title that suits your interest when it comes to automotive in Malaysia. Magazines that you can find in most newsstands across the country include:

  1. Motor Trader
  2. Torque
  3. Auto Cari
  4. On the Road
  5. car
  6. HyperTune
  7. Top Gear
  8. Autocar
  9. etc

Related and relevant content for readers

One of the major differences between readers of automotive magazines and other categories is that they are usually enthusiasts or those who have a purpose. Magazines like Motor Trader appeal very much to those who are looking for a used car while those who read Torque or Top Gear are usually fans of either the magazines or in cars. This is very vital to the magazine because readers are now able to find out more online, anytime and with richer content.

Magazines for cars still necessary?

The answer is YES! This is one category which still have a lot of following because at the end of the day, readers still like to keep a copy of the brands they like. However, it must be noted that content must remain contemporary. This includes suggestions like:

  1. Top 10 Sedans of 2019
  2. 3 Best Picks below RM100,000
  3. Learn to save fuel from the endurance race car drivers
  4. New SUV models this coming summer
  5. How to keep your tires from wearing off in 1 year
  6. etc

Fast and Easy Information

That which will set automotive magazines apart from new media is in its easy-to-read and understand content. In this fast-moving market, readers want to pick up a car magazine, flip through it, enjoy the content and then pass it to someone else. It would be an added bonus if the reader can articulate the content to someone else. As such, they must be brief and very visual. New media like online videos are capturing a lot of readers to become viewers which mean that it is a lot more challenging for automotive magazines today.


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