Give Your Business A Pinterest Boost!


Aside Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is another platform that is favoured for marketing in the social media arena. This isn’t much of a surprise as this site has over 100 million monthly users and statistics reveal that 87 percent of users have actually purchased something after seeing it on Pinterest. If you’re thinking of jumping into the Pinterest marketing bandwagon, there are a couple of things that you should know; read on to find out!

What’s Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing doesn’t differ much from Pinterest itself – it revolves around pins and pin boards. If these sound like jargons to you, pin is basically images or videos of things while pin boards are a collection of those pins.

Getting Started

Once you have created a business account on Pinterest, your first step is to create a board. Keep in mind you will have to create the right boards. They have to be appropriate with a smart title as well as an amazing description. Don’t forget to emphasize your focus on activities on your boards and not directly your product, e.g. if you’re selling headphones, show folks enjoying music.

Know Your Audience Well

It’s important that you get to know your target audience so that you can get to them through their personal interests as well. There’s no doubt that people would incline towards their interests and you can use this to generate followers to your brand.

Make Good Use of Your Pins

It is the pins with great descriptions that are repined the most on the site and that’s something you should want for your brand. When creating your pin, be sure to include a great description of your product and maybe even a link to the product on your website for better effectiveness.

Photography Isn’t Your Thing?

You don’t have to be an amazing photographer with perfect Pinterest pictures just to nail Pinterest marketing; you can simply repin what others have pinned to create a great board. A look through pages of others in your business can help you find the right images for your board and Pingroupie does exactly that!

Analyse Your Pins

If you’re satisfied with the amount of pins you have, this is the perfect time to analyse them. By using Pinterest Analytics, you can find out where your visitors are from and what they’re into. You can also find out which of your boards are the most popular ones and start focusing more on them.

Get Pinterest on Your Website

Don’t just leave your Pinterest marketing on the Pinterest website alone; add it to your website via widgets or Pin It buttons. Pictures play a crucial role here so make sure your images are “pinterest-worthy” and include schema.org markup to your page. This will produce Rich Pins which can carry details such as pricing and stock.

A Little Promotion Goes A Long Way

It’s absolutely vital that you promote your Pinterest page. You can do this by adding it to the list of buttons that link Facebook and Twitter or, alternatively, mention it in a blog posting. This is a sure way to increase traffic flow to your website as well as your Pinterest boards.

Don’t Go Wrong With Pinterest Marketing

Just like with all kinds of social media marketing, it is easy to go wrong with Pinterest marketing if you’re not really aware of some ‘rules’. Stay on top of your Pinterest game by:

  • Checking for copyright on your pictures and giving crediting where it is due
  • Avoid using watermarked images as followers just want to see the image.
  • Being consistent with your pinnings.
  • Pinning between 2PM and 4PM and 8PM to 10PM (EST) for the best reach.


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