Career Guide – Marketing & Advertising Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia has one of the most vibrant and dynamic marketing and advertising sectors in the region and around the world. Today jobs in the marketing sector offer one of the most lucrative positions and they are also one of the most demanded ones around. It must be noted that marketing should be distinguished from sales jobs as they involve totally different sets of job scopes and responsibilities.

A full-fledge marketer is seldom directly involved with the actual selling of the product or services and are mostly involved in the planning, strategizing and communication of the brand owner. Hence, marketers are more commonly known to work with communications more than the sales divisions. Essentially, marketing jobs in Malaysia are found in almost every sector of businesses. However, there are still many companies in Malaysia who still use the positions in marketing and sales interchangeably, which might be misleading in many ways.

Marketing Executive Jobs

Under most circumstances, Marketing Executives are expected to be involved in sales which means that they are actually Sales Executives. Jobs that carry the title ‘Marketing Executive’ usually means that the person will be responsible to carry out all the responsibilities which include marketing and sales in general. To avoid any confusion, the job applicant should check if there are commissions involved because if there are, it means that this would be a sales position.

A full-fledged marketer’s job is very different. Titles like ‘Brand Manager’, ‘Account Manager’, ‘Key Account Manager’ and such will tell the applicant that this is a typical marketing position and would not have much involvement with direct selling.

These positions are usually offered in FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies like P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Sara Lee and Colgate-Palmolive as well as MNCs like Dell Inc, Microsoft and others. A Brand Manager is essentially the person who manages a brand because in these companies, they usually carry numerous brands under their organization.

Media Planning Jobs

Other jobs in marketing which are popular in Malaysia include advertising. This is where the other side of the spectrum is explored. Where marketers plan and strategize what needs to be done for the near and long term future, the advertising segment will identify how these campaigns can be carried out.

Advertising jobs today are more challenging as they have to contend with new media like social networking, digital and online advertising and mobile SMS marketing, all of which are highly demanded by advertisers.

Advertising agency account manager

An Account Manager with an ad agency must be able to translate the marketing plans of its clients into effective and high impact campaigns, which will in turn increase sales and strengthen the brand image of the company. Other jobs in the marketing industry include marketing research and event marketing, among many others.

One of the most sought after job position will be Media Planner. This is a position where you will be known as the expert in what media to implement or eexecute which could maximize the impact of a particular campaign. Media Planners are those who would use the budget allocated to them to work with media owners like television and radio stations, newspaper publishers and such. Media planners would usually be involved with the booking of spaces and spots in the media according to the requirements of the clients.

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