Guide to choosing your ad agency

So, it has been decided that your company needs an advertising (ad) agency to help in the marketing and promotions campaigns. You have the budget, but you are not the expert in spending it on advertising. Hence, the most logical thing to do is to get the specialists to do it.

Who should you choose?

After all, there are hundreds of ad agencies in Malaysia, all of which comes in different shapes and sizes, offering all types of different services. In choosing the suitable ad agency for your company, you will first need to know what you are offering. If you have a large budget (as in millions of ringgit), then you do have a strong case to select just about any agency you wish. But if you have a limited budget, then it is best to start with the smaller firms.

Criteria for your decision

However, no matter what your budget is, you can base your selection criteria as follow:

  • Local, international or integrated agency
  • Services offered
  • Portfolio and track record Agency status

Foreign or local, what’s the difference?

Malaysia’s advertising agencies can be international, local or a combination of both. The most common pre-conception is that international agencies are more capable and specialized. After all, they are supposed to be ‘international’.

However, it must be noted that local agencies have now become equally as capable because they are from the roots and position themselves as knowing what the local market wants.

Most ad agencies offer similar services. In choosing the agency for you, you need to determine if you are looking for a one-stop solution agency that offers everything under the advertising segment or only a portion of it. If you only need the agency to plan and buy your media space, then look for an agency that specializes in that.

An ad agency’s effectiveness is judged through its portfolio and the success rate of their track records. This can be proven through statistics, impressions and other research reports. Regardless of the size of the agency, if they have carried out successful campaigns in the past, they will be able to show it to you because these campaigns are seen in the public realms.

Furthermore, their portfolio of current clients will give you a clear picture of how good they are servicing them to maintain the accounts. Ultimately, you need an ad agency that you are comfortable with. Your first meeting will give you the best impression of the people you are going to work with in the near future.

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