Clinics and Hospitals Advertising

Advertising in clinics and hospitals can be a very challenging effort for advertisers as not all brands are able to do so. Clinics and hospitals usually have screens and locations which are catered for the display of ads. This is one of the areas in OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising which can be highly specialized and focused. As it is known, clinics and hospitals are often regarded to be sensitive locations which means that any type of advertising or marketing efforts involving such premises would need to be approved by the management or operator before they can be displayed.

Demographics of Clinics Advertising

The main target market for clinics and hospitals would be people who are health-conscious as well as patients which mean that it could be targeting a wide group of customers.


In Malaysia, hospitals, clinics and medical centers usually belong to a certain larger group. For instance, the KPJ Health Care group operates hospitals and medical centers in several states around the country while the same system is being applied by groups like Gleneagles and Columbia Asia. Meanwhile, clinics are more independent in many ways although there are large groups like the Qualitas Medical Group of Clinics which have a membership amounting to hundreds of centers around Malaysia. This means that costing can vary according to which medical group where it ranges from RM5,00 per month to RM18,000 per month for a 15 second ad.


Through these networks, advertisers would be able to post their ads on the digital screens which are used in the premises that can capture a lot of impressions among this target group where the ads will be played back throughout the day on 15 second intervals.

Production Cost

Production cost for ads to be played in the digital screens of medical centers would vary and depends largely on the quality of the video.

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