How can CRM Software help with your marketing campaigns

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Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a big thing. This is now a lot more evident especially with the rising use of digital marketing and online platforms for businesses. Automated processes are required if not demanded especially if you are on mobile or the web. Your customers expect to be served and remembered in the most convenient way possible. With so many options available, which platform or CRM software should you choose? Below are among the top ones.

HubSpot CRM

One of the top names in this sector, HubSpot is a popular name that has been used by many corporations especially in terms of managing its customer service. What you get is a database that you can customize to suit your business needs. They are centralized and what makes it really good is that your sales pipeline can be easily managed too. The HubSpot CRM has a free trial version and is very intuitive. Your leads are all put together in a central location and managing your sales has not been any easier.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the names that came up during the mid-1990s when CRM was fast growing. Since then, this platform has been widely successful and has been rapidly expanding. Today, Zoho CRM is used by small and large-sized companies as it has quite a complete management system for the business. Features here include inventory management, sales and marketing and a lot more.

Manufacturing X

As the name implies, this is one software that will be ideal for those in the manufacturing (and engineering) sectors. What it covers is CRM and CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) among its other main features. You can now focus on increasing your profit margins while balancing the requirements and competitive pricing.


Developed by QSOFT, this is by any means one of the more revolutionary platforms around. The multi-channel communication tool allows you to keep your customers in constant contact. This is the first messaging-powered CRM in the world where you can now put all your platforms under one umbrella including emails, calls and messenger apps. This software comes with analytics and reporting too which makes it all the more interesting.


The named pipe is used to reflect the pipeline. As such, you can expect this software to be about sales. The focus, however, is on CRM and it is great for groups of any size. Pipedrive has already been used in more than 150 countries across the world making it one of the most extensive software around. That is not all because there are close to 100,000 paying customers using this platform which is easy and user-friendly. Simplicity is its virtue but powerful. With Pipedrive, you do not have to spend so much time doing other things but focus more on the selling.

Centra Hub CRM

Not many CRM allows you to customize the way you do handle your business. Centra Hub CRM is one that does that. When you can integrate your customer relationship with sales and marketing, you get to do a lot more and achieve things in a shorter time. And being able to customize the software makes it all the easier. The fact that it is cloud-based means you do not have to worry about storage and processing. Just get online and you are in business.


With Bitrix24 you have many options whether to use the open-source code access either on your premise or through the cloud. What makes Bitrix24 so enticing is that you can actually run your operations through its free online version. It comes with unlimited contacts, companies, invoices and such. That is why Bitrix24 is used by more than 3.5 million companies globally. If you are looking for something more extensive, use the advanced version where you get more advanced features. This includes Bulk SMS, multiple pipeline support and sales and marketing automation while coming in many other languages too.


If you are looking for something simple and straightforward, SalesFlare might be your cup of tea. This platform allows you to focus on the business instead of having to do everything else. It is intelligent and very intuitive for CRM. SalesFlare is an application which is good for small businesses and startups. What it can do include capturing the data through your company databases, phones and calendars and then allowing you to manage them via a central point. A good case study is from Us Embassy Malaysia.

Ai Field Management

Ai Field Management is known because of its message translation function. With more than 100 languages in the dictionary, you can literally speak to anyone around the world. This CRM platform is both intelligent and intuitive and comes with GPS. What more, it is among the cheapest option in the market where you pay $5 per month per license. Platform independent, means you can use Ai Field Management on most devices whether it is a tablet, a smartphone or a PC.


An interesting factor about EngageBay CRM is that this application is designed to let you manage your customer relationships better and more effectively through its marketing and service automation functions. Among those that you can do with EngageBay include managing your leads better. Throughout the process, you can capture them, nurture and try to convert the leads into actual transactions through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Agile CRM

You will enjoy the fact that this is an all-in-one platform for all your CRM and sales needs. In other words, you can manage your sales and marketing activities while ensuring customer satisfaction along the way. Besides that, contact management and marketing automation are provided at the best quality possible. Sales tracking and web analytics let you push your sales further.


Developed by ISO Travel Solutions, Emerald CRM is a great platform targeted for use by businesses in the tourism and travel industry. This CRM can be customized to suit your business needs where it covers most (if not all) the processes across the value chain. As long as it deals with your customers, they have those functions covered. Designed under a modular system, you get to manage your customer’s database through a single point and disseminate the functions across other modules.

Streak CRM

Streak started in 2011 and originated from the United States. It is actually the only CRM platform in the market that can be integrated with your Google Mail. This makes it a lot more convenient as compared to all other CRM software as Gmail is currently one of the leading email applications around. Integrating with Gmail means that Streak allows you to work with the other applications in the G Suite. Get to track your business processes easier and it comes with email tracking facilities too.


From $20 per user per month, you can now enjoy better control with your CRM for your business. This is one open-source application that can be catered for anyone and businesses of any size. What makes it interesting is that Odoo is fully customizable and scalable. This means that you can be a sole proprietorship or a large corporation as long as there are processes in your business that need automation like sales and marketing, accounting or inventory, there is a module here that can get the job done.


Veloxy is one CRM application that integrates almost every other platform you use. If you are using Gmail or Office365, it can be easily integrated to provide a seamless experience when using CRM. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is adopted in Veloxy which integrates with Salesforce to extract the information it needs. As such, it can update the pipeline accordingly while ensuring that sales leads are recorded and followed up accordingly.


With the name SAP, this CRM module is one of the more expensive ones in the market. There are no free versions available and you need to customize all the functions to suit your business needs. SAP CRM provides you with customer insight, better management of data and it also allows you to integrate with your other modules if needed.


Developed by Elastic, this platform is what the name says, to CLOSE. The platform is great for sales teams to follow up on leads and to try and convert the leads into purchases. Meanwhile, it helps you to keep a tab of your productivity and to ensure that your customers’ needs are attended to. The platform is literally all-in-one where you can send out sales emails, communicate with your customers and even talk to prospects if needed. It is cloud-based which makes it all the more convenient.


One of the most popular names to come out in the CRM software platform, Saleforce is considered to be the market leader in this sector. Covering about 20% of the market share, it is a name with a strong brand presence in most markets where it comes with the prominent features and functions. You get the basic functions of managing your leads and converting them into an actual purchase but you also get to manage your customers in every possible means. Following up with your customers has never been this easy. What more, it allows you to have add-ons and to integrate third-party apps too. The dashboard let you control your business operations easier and faster. Saleforce is great for businesses of any size and type.


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