Elfira Loy


One of Malaysia’s top influencers today is Elfira Loy. Born in 1994, she is one of the youngest stars and is no stranger in the Malaysian entertainment industry who has been actively involved since 2006. Elfira Loy exudes the persona of the modern female that resonates very well among her fans and followers. Besides being an actress, she is also a businesswoman, model and more notably an influencer.

Starting out from a young age

Her full name is Nurul Elfira Loy binti Ahmad Sabri where she is more fondly known as El. She is married to Muhd Faris Khairol Anuar in 2019 and the couple has a son together.

Elfira started out as an actress when she was cast in Cinta Itu Buta, a telemovie drama. Coming from a family of actors, her siblings Ahmad Ezzrin Loy and Nurul Ezliza Loy are also in this industry. Elfira Loy played a schoolgirl in her first telemovie and then moved on to bigger roles including Waktu Rehat by Disney, where she played Amirah. She also played the title role Qalesya. A student from Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, she finished her degree in Entertainment Arts at the KDU University College.

Career and influencer marketing

Starting out in 2006, Elfira was only 12 when she started acting. Then, she was involved in the Ali Baba: The Musical Theater at the Hamedan International Theater Festival for Children and Youth Adults together with 7 other child actors in 2010.

She also played a role in the Ibu Zain Theater seasons 1 and 2 before getting her first telemovie. From there, she would not look back as she continued to appear in many other shows including Damping Malam and ‘Second Chance’, a Japanese film. From 2011 to 2012, she was involved in Astro-produced programs after being endorsed to be their representative for that duration.

Her other movies include Jangan Ambil Padang Kami, Dalam Hati Ada Taman and Rentap: The Movie, among others. Meanwhile, she was appointed by Maybelline New York and Sofy as their brand ambassador which paved the way for her to build her following as an influencer, where she is liked and followed across social networks and communities.

To date, her Instagram profile reports more than 5 million followers where she has been seen endorsing brands like Milo, Softlan and Dior, to name a few. This puts her to be among the top Instagram influencers in the country and further enhancing her popularity status along the way.


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