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Is Email Marketing still effective

Email marketing is still one of marketer’s top pick due to its speed of delivery and relatively low-cost. However, with more and more new companies emerging and using email as part of marketing scheme, it is rather difficult to target specific audience no matter how brilliantly written your email piece is.

In fact, most inboxes are bombarded with numerous emails causing inbox overload, spam and image blocking. Marketers often strive to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing as it is the key B2B marketing medium.

Marketers understand the importance of email campaigns. Thus, most marketers leave out the common tactic, which is to send the same email to large number of prospective customers as it will eventually turn people off.

Here are some tips or strategies to retain your subscribers through email marketing.

Tip 1: The best option is opt-in

Most experts agree that the best practice for most companies is opt-in. This is due to the rising problem in UK legislation. Opt-out basis for B2B email marketing in UK may change anytime.

Managing Director from Pure, Marc Munier said that people do not tolerate when companies send bulks of email and causes inbox overload. Marketers have to remember that even though email is the fastest and cheapest medium, companies should not overdo with this method.

Tip 2: Content is important

Companies that go along with fully opt-in database should prioritize the content as a quality email piece is vital to succeed in this industry. After all, quality is more important than quantity.

An effective way to utilize email fully is by using video and podcasts for B2B catalogue. It helps as your email may turn from a ‘push’ to ‘pull’ factor. Check your email inbox and chance is you get a variety of email promoting new products and services.

How many subscribers read through the body copy and information provided? Make it interesting and add an element of excitement to get readers interested. Say your company is promoting a new service. Does it affect your sales should your email arrive later than the launching? The answer is no. Content is the key; the time your email arrives at the inbox is not that important.

Tip 3: Another best pick – to use multichannel

Most of the campaigns need more than email for marketing. Yes, the first step is to get new subscribers to sign in for newsletter. But companies should stress on tailoring the message and channel according to the subscribers.

To achieve the best in a campaign, marketers need to use a mixture of channel to grow with social media. Companies need to own a centrally-held data system to improve efficiency and relevance.

Tip 4: Work with social media

Marketers should start with social networking tactics as it works well with email marketing. As a starting point, marketers may hold discussion groups for companies’ products and services.

Create proprietary network. Social media is not exactly a direct sales channel rather; it lies on the people to share their views and experiences.

Benefits of Email Marketing

There has been a lot of misconceptions about email marketing. From junk to spam and every negative response imaginable, email marketing has come a long way from when it started.

Still very effective

Whichever way anyone sees it, there is still a lot of potential in email. Each day, more than 250 billion emails are being circulated. While other platforms like Whatsapp and WeChat is catching up, it goes to show that email is still very much an integral part of life. Taking over the age-old snail mail, email offers immediate and efficient communication. So you can imagine how this can help your brand.

Email marketing? You need to get it right!

One of the major issues about email marketing is in its effectiveness. What makes email marketing so attractive is that it is efficient. However, like any other media in the market, this might not be the best channel for every campaign you come up with. In the branding process, email might help in various ways such as:

  1. Enhance relationships – Emails can be used as a personal communication tool. When you have a new subscriber or a current customer, you can use email to get to know them better and vice versa. Once the trust is built, it makes them build a relationship with you better. Nothing beats being able to communicate with your customer directly. This is where you should be using emails to welcome them, foster relationships and not just about sending out promotional material
  2. Brand image – Use email as a newsletter. This will update your customers about what is going on with your brand and such. However, subtle actions like including your brand logo in the email will enhance your brand image and improve brand recognition tremendously.
  3. Keeping your customers – This is not an easy one but email can help you to keep your customers and subsequently work towards returning purchase. Email helps you to gain the trust of your customers and when they want to be associated to your brand, they will be loyal to you. This means you must send out good quality emails that remind them about your brand.
  4. Content that shows your leadership – Emails marketing need not always be about advertising. At times, you might want to use it to send content that might be of interest to your customers. When they hear you talking about something you are really good at, you stamp and authority and a mark that you are a leader in the market. This includes news, updates or any other related information about your product and market. When this is done correctly, your customers can resonate with your confidence. As such, they will remember you better.

Email marketing is not only about sending out e-flyers to your customer who normally feels irritate or annoyed. If your email does not get to the junk folder automatically, the customer will do so manually. If it is relevant to them and they decide to open and read your email, you have them with you in the most loyal manner possible. Tread carefully but once you get there, it helps you in more ways than you can imagine.