Golf Malaysia


Golf Malaysia is one of Asia’s most established magazine and it was founded in 1980. Its target audience range from middle to upper class readers and possessed a higher standard education who are also interested in Golf.

Golf Malaysia is a national magazine recognized by Malaysian Golf Association (MGA), Malaysian Professional Golf Association (MPGA), Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MALGA), and Malaysian Senior Golfers Society (MSGS).

Covering Malaysian Golf Scene

The magazine is published monthly packed with comprehensive contents including local and international golf arena, golf courses reviews for beginners and intermediate, coverage on major golf tournament, golfing accessories and fashion, golf equipment updates and reviews, tips to improve your golfing skills, and also brand new lifestyle section.

With more than 204 golf clubs and 18 recreation clubs throughout Malaysia, 7 clubs in Brunei and also 17 in Singapore, the magazine has a wide market of potential readers.

The magazine is available in bookshops, golf club pro-shops, sports retail outlets, MAS in-flight reading, selected hotels, selected newsstand including KLIA, golf club libraries and lounges and also through direct subscription.

Golf magazine has created Golf Malaysia Irons Challenge in 2001. This is a yearly event for amateur golfers and was inducted into Malaysia Book of Records as the nation’s first “All Irons Golf Challenge”.

The magazine is also one of the main sponsors in the golf tournament besides sponsoring regularly for other charity events, and corporate golf games to encourage growth of this sport.

Among some of the regular golf events sponsored by the magazine are Champion of Champions, Aces of Aces Championship, and also Eagles Championship.

With over 15,000 golfers active nationwide, Golf Malaysia is definitely their top pick for a sports category magazine. A leader in golf market, the magazine is written and published under the strictest quality to ensure that it meets the readers’ expectation.


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