Google Analytics and other platforms


As long as your business is online, it will be tracked somehow by platforms such as Google Analytics. The data is collected so that you know who is visiting your site and what do they do there.

Not everything is Google

While Google provides some of the best analytical data on your sites, there are other alternatives too. Knowing what your visitors do when they are at your site is vital to help you understand and forecast what you can do in the future. Hence, having a few analytics tools that provide you with these data gives you better judgment in your decision making.

How does analytics work?

Analytics are very powerful platforms and tools that will help your business. Web analytics services offered usually tracks and report traffic on your website. Google Analytics, being the most widely used service on the web is perhaps your most obvious choice as it is seamless as well as comprehensive. Every user who visits your website (usually through a Google search result) will be tracked in terms of duration, most time spent, navigation, etc.

Enter the alternatives

As mentioned, you will most likely be using Google Analytics by default. But it is always a good practice to have a ‘second opinion’. Alternatives are available that can offer you a wider understanding of your visitors.

  • Woopra – This tool track uses on their experience when they visit and provide you with information on marketing and sales. It integrates very well with other platforms like Google Ads, Slack, and even Salesforce.
  • GoSquared – A user-friendly platform where your visitors are tracked in real-time. It shows you the source of the traffic from your visitors and where they are. A great platform for sales-driven sites.
  • FoxMetrics – This is an affordable platform where it offers very customized reports. Using SQL as the engine, you can extract the information from its data warehouse. FoxMetrics is very popular for its segmentation features.
  • Mixpanel – The analytics tools in Mixpanel is very useful for lead generation. Features are used to improve your sales funnel as it comes with event tracking, user behavior tracking and also A/B testing.
  • Leadfeeder – A great tool if you want to integrate with your current sales and marketing data. It comes with its own CRM which makes it great for lead generation. Leadfeeder has a very good support system with live webinars too.


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